Understanding Box Office: Marketing Tools That Succeed In The Age Of Social Media

In every film that passes, box office number is becoming increasingly important, brahmastra at the theater. Box office success helps a movie keep talking about it long after it hits theaters. I’m more interested than ever.from kashmir file From Vikram Vedas to Brahmastra pony in selvanthe film’s performance at the ticket counter is as much news as its creative value.

To understand the language of trade, we spoke with trade analysts, film producers, distributors, and cinema owners to find out all the trade information bombarded with us every day about every movie on social. I chalked up how to read and imbibe The medium influences viewers’ decisions about whether to go to the movies or not.

Speaking of Brahmastra, the makers last shared their box office collection on 19th September, stating that their total worldwide collection of films is Rs 360 crore. The numbers show that the film was a spectacle and a huge hit with audiences. However, there was some debate as to whether the producers shared inflated figures to make the film’s earnings look larger than they actually are.

In this regard, film producer and film business expert Girish Johar says that a film’s box office performance is a great marketing tool to keep the story going. However, he feels that they don’t really add to the footfall. It is important to check whether

There is a big difference between net box office and gross box office. Gross box office revenue includes the amount earned from gross movie ticket sales, while net is gross revenue less government deductions such as entertainment tax and service tax. Another thing to consider is that these taxes vary from state to state. Therefore, the net collection of movies can vary from state to state for the same gross amount of the same movie. While net film collections of Hindi films are commonly revealed, the figures shared in South India are mostly gross.

Johar says there’s a lot of interest among people when it comes to box office numbers, given how big the numbers being discussed about movies are. Excited, we all know that India is crazy about cricket and movies, so whenever big numbers are associated with a movie, such as high box office, big budget, and even starring fees, a lot of it. will gain traction and attract the general public,” said an industry expert.

But Johar also suggests that while there’s a lot of debate about box office success, it’s just a marketing tool and doesn’t always influence moviegoers’ decisions to see or not to see a movie. . “Producers and film marketing teams want huge audiences to be able to flock to theaters to see their films, so they use box office revenue as a marketing tool. I noticed it was used as a marketing tool to generate interest and gain traction.

Kangana Ranaut is produced by Karan Johar It shares Brahmastra’s inflated box office numbers. Is there a way to authenticate these numbers? Johar says, “Unfortunately not!” While international organizations like Rentrak offer some degree of transparency, few Indian organizations are doing similar work like Ormax. Johar explains:

That’s the trade, but why would producers choose to share how much their movies earn? believes that sharing box office numbers has become very important due to the negative reasons surrounding movies today. movie.

He said, “Although not necessarily, movies are targeted by people with intent. A recent example is Brahmastra, where everyone’s content isn’t as good or the movie isn’t making as much money as it should (compared to the budget). ) and put the film down, but today’s box office numbers prove the film’s mettle. If there is a smaller movie to show, it might be worth watching because audiences feel the movie has improved. I didn’t, but I got stronger with each passing day.”

The box office has become a huge discussion on social media and the publications are reporting it enthusiastically, but does it really draw audiences to the cinema to see the film? Manoj Desai, Distributor and Owner Mumbai‘s Gaiety Galaxy and the iconic Maratha Mandir tell us that sharing the box office with the public has really helped Bollywood, especially in this day and age.

he said: We also know that people are looking forward to the movies because they are well booked in advance. Box office is a new metric of how a movie is rated. It’s like people read reviews before watching a movie. It makes sense for them to invest in it by going to see it. ”

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/an-understanding-of-box-office-numbers-trade-experts-call-it-a-successful-marketing-tool-in-the-age-of-twitter-8180973/ Understanding Box Office: Marketing Tools That Succeed In The Age Of Social Media

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