Ukrainian metal band Jinjer condemns Putin’s invasion

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer has weighed in on the conflict between Russia and their “sovereign and independent” country.

This came after Ukraine severed diplomatic relations with Russia and declared martial law after Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday (February 24th) ordered an attack on a neighboring country.

The band, which released their fourth album “Wallflowers” back in August, went to Facebook last night to announce that they are now safe and also calling for an end to the war.

“Dear all, as we write this text, at the moment every member of JINJER and our families are safe and unharmed,” the publication began. “We really appreciate all our supporters around the world for the care, connection and all the sympathy and support of our group and, more importantly, our country.

“As you all know, this morning, February 24, Putin launched a war against a sovereign and independent Ukraine! Please know that at this time we really depend on you, our fans in every country – to support Ukraine and peace in our country as you can – especially our fans in Russia, you and your opinion at this time are most important.

“NOTHING can justify the violence and death of innocents, and that is exactly what is happening in our country now.”

They concluded: “Stop the war in Ukraine now!”

Dear all, as we write this text, at the moment every member of JINJER and our families are safe and unharmed. We really…

Author Ginger on Thursday, February 24, 2022

Since last night, Ginger President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that 137 people were killed and 316 were injured.

On Thursday, Russian troops crossed the Crimean border with Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion.

The actions of Putin, who said Russia did not intend to occupy Ukraine and that his country’s actions were part of a “special military operation”, drew widespread condemnation around the world.

Reactions to the situation in Ukraine from well-known figures in the world of music, entertainment and politics have been published on social networks.with similar FoalsJanis Filipakis, Bring me the HorizonOli Sykes, Franz Ferdinand‘s Alex Capranas, Jungbludthe mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Taika Wojciech and Amanda Palmer all speak in support of Ukraine.

Russian rapper Oxxxymiron is canceled the show series in Moscow and St. Petersburg in protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine, with a population of 44 million, borders both Russia and the European Union. How BBC Russia has reportedly long opposed Ukraine’s move to adopt European institutions such as NATO and the EU.

Now Putin is demanding assurances from the West and Ukraine that it will not join NATO, a defense alliance with 30 countries, and that Ukraine will demilitarize and become a neutral state.

You can donate here to the Red Cross to help those affected by the conflict.

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer condemns Putin’s invasion

Source link Ukrainian metal band Jinjer condemns Putin’s invasion

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