Tyson Beckford Is Launching His Own Motorcycle Line Heres What He Told Us About It

Tyson Beckford According to him, it’s the logical next step in his legendary career.

but, iconic model may be known for his smoldering beauty In an interview with ESSENCE, he pointed out that another strong link for his brand is fast bikes, and he’s totally right.

“If you think about it, they’ve always appeared in my work,” Tyson told ESSENCE. “It started with Toni Braxton’s Un-Break My Heart. videoto Britney Spears poison and more recently Lizzo’s 2 Be loved. I always ride my bike. ”

Beckford says the connection began when he raced speed bikes as a teenager, and the interest has only grown over the years.

“If I can combine what I do in real life with what I do in film and publication, I try to do it.”

As such, his latest partnership makes perfect sense, he says.

Beckford shared with ESSENCE his appointment as a brand ambassador lyric cyclea major motorcycle company co-designing the limited edition voodoo model “305 Ghost”.

Beckford describes Voodoo as a powerful electric shapeshifter. It can be an electric bike, moped, or motorcycle, depending on the rider’s individual needs and turf.

The retired model’s latest business move makes perfect sense as the electric bike market is now worth $27 billion As of 2021. Unfortunately, in a burgeoning industry, the stakes for black owners are slim. Beckford is trying to change that.

“I always try to be a pioneer. I have worked with brands like Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Harley-Davidson, so this was a move in line with that,” said Beckford. “So for me, figuring out what’s good for me and my brand is something that’s manifested in partnership. Being one of the first black men to take that step is also pretty cool.

305 GHOST is LyricCycles.com.

https://www.essence.com/news/money-career/tyson-beckford-lyric-motorcylces/ Tyson Beckford Is Launching His Own Motorcycle Line Heres What He Told Us About It

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