Tyler Perry says “Homecoming” is Madeia’s last cheer

Madeia returned like never before.

After a brief hiatus in 2019, Tyler Perry has returned his beloved matriarch for his new film Madea home.

“I’m looking at the civil unrest, the pandemic, the election, it’s all hell we’ve seen and we needed to laugh,” Perry said. HipHollywood when he asked to retire her. “I just wanted to do something that made us forget for a minute and just laugh.”

This time Madea gathers the family to celebrate graduating from grandchildren’s college. Perry believed it was her 10th film, reuniting with Cassie Davis, David and Tamela Mann, and getting on Netflix.

“The good thing about Netflix is ​​that the whole world can see it at once, Madea has never had such a platform.”

So does this mean he is ready to revive the franchise on the streaming platform?

Back in 2019, he joked with HipHollywood about how Madeia would like to be celebrated if she ever dies we interviewed him for A Madea Family Funeral.

According to the film and television mogul, he is still not ready to kill his branded character, but insists it is her latest film.

“She’s not planning to go there, but she’s not planning to make another film, so let’s see what happens.”

Tyler Perry’s “Homecoming Idea” comes out Feb. 25 on Netflix.

Tyler Perry says “Homecoming” is Madeia’s last cheer

Source link Tyler Perry says “Homecoming” is Madeia’s last cheer

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