TWICE’s Dahyun Faces Death Threats And Abuse After Skipping Blackpink’s Lisa Ad

Fan wars are always ugly, and when they occur between astronomically popular K-Pop groups, they get completely out of hand.Recently, TWICE’s Dahyun had to face anger from one section black pink fan on social media while hosting a live broadcast on fan-based platform Bubble. During the program Blackpink’s Lisa catchy track Lalisa I started playing with Dahyun’s phone.

After being obsessed with the song for a while, Dahyun skipped the song on YouTube, explaining that it was an ad and didn’t have YouTube Premium. There was absolutely no malice or harm in her remarks, but some of Blink were upset. Soon, Dahyun was accused of “disrespecting” Lisa, and users began throwing out her abusive messages, death threats against the star.

TWICE fans called ONCE and jumped to Dahyun’s rescue saying they shouldn’t shut up, and as a result, “Blinking Saporo Ji Seto Dahyun” started trending on social media. I thought they were there, but it was just an advertisement. Please support TWICE and Dahyun.” Another commented, “Blinks is sending hate to Dahyun from Two for skipping Lisa’s ad…” Dahyun skipped the YouTube ad to play her music. “

One fan angrily wrote:That fandom is just stfu and should stop coming after DahyunI also skip YouTube ads with my favorite music videos. Some sending death threats? With skipped ads? I can’t be serious Correct your manners, would-be barbarians.” Another said, “DAhhyun Skipping Larisa’s songs, Blink hated her, sent death threats, minimized her career and endeavors, and did a lot. All the while skipping songs. Some demanded that Lisa come out and make her statement, but that her proposal was shut down by many blinks who said she had no problems at all.

Blackpink and Twice have always been close friends, and there have been calls for harmony. “Toxic Blink should know that TWICE and bp are friends in the industry! And Dahyun would never do such a thing!” On behalf of Dam, I conveyed my heartfelt apology.

Both Blackpink and Twice have achieved professional milestones and are doing well lately. Blackpink’s Pink Venom rocketed up the charts, and Twice ranked his #9 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Blackpink scored some historic victories at the 2022 VMAs. metaverse Performance of the Year, a new category for the 2022 VMAs. Lalisa from Lisa wins Best K-Pop.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/music/twices-dahyun-faces-death-threats-and-abuse-after-she-skips-blackpink-lisas-lalisa-ad-fans-rush-to-her-rescue-8157910/ TWICE’s Dahyun Faces Death Threats And Abuse After Skipping Blackpink’s Lisa Ad

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