Trevor Noah to leave The Daily Show in December

comedian Trevor NoahHis days as host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show are numbered as he is set to depart in December after a seven-year run.

According to Variety, Noah is set to depart after making his final appearance on the show on Dec. 8. The timeline gives Noah a chance to anchor the show and reflect on his tenure as the cast heads to Atlanta for the midterm election special. in series.

Comedy Central suspended the show after Noah’s breakup and plans to resume it on January 17 as part of what the network called a “reinvention.”

Noah’s successor has not been announced, but the network is believed to be considering some of the show’s correspondents as part of its deliberations, Variety reported.

Noahcame out almost anonymously to take over the program John Stewart In 2015, he surprised Comedy Central and Paramount executives when he announced he was leaving the show in late September.

According to sources, neither the show’s staff nor the upper management of the conglomerate knew about this until Noah’s announcement.

In June, Noah extended his option to stay at the center of the Daily Show for another two years, according to The Hollywood Reporter, sources said he also had the option of one more year until the 2024-25 season. That’s why Noah’s decision was made to leave everyone at Paramount and The Daily Show with an additional surprise.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/television/trevor-noahs-daily-show-departure-set-to-be-in-december-8205956/ Trevor Noah to leave The Daily Show in December

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