Toni Braxton reacts to Kelly Rowland’s impressions of song, fans love their interaction

Toni Braxton has long been a fan favorite. More recently, Kelly Rowland tried to sing in Toni’s voice, and her fans love their interaction.

Toni herself shared a clip of Kelly’s singing to Instagram. Kelly had been asked in an interview to do the best impression of another singer. She also tried to sing her own song “Un-Break my heart” in the same tone as Toni.

The video was captioned. I don’t sing in such a low voice… well, maybe not. ‘ Toni took her impression as a compliment and she made a lighthearted comment about it, so her interaction was really sweet.

However, fans themselves were inundated with comments on the post praising Toni’s singing. Comments such as “Toni is the same, but that’s why her voice is unique and beautiful” were received. And then, “Girl yes it is! That’s why no one can replace you lol Your voice is unparalleled and you will always remain Toni Braxton’s living legend.”

Toni also talks candidly about when she first realized she could sing. She said, “I didn’t realize I could sing until I was a teenager. Singing was part of me and my family. We got up, sang, and slept. I think you’ve noticed that the tone is different.I always had a low voice.I remember everyone in my class singing “Joy to the World” and I was the only one who couldn’t sing it in key.” was. I was always the child in the room with a low voice that would make you turn around.

She also confided about doubting her talent, saying, “At first, I probably had moments where I guessed my talent, but I always knew I could move people with the emotion of my voice. has a uniquely styled voice, and as soon as you hear mine you know it’s me and that equates to the longevity of the business, so I’m lucky.”

https://celebrityinsider.org/toni-braxton-reacted-to-kelly-rowlands-impression-of-her-singing-and-fans-love-their-interaction-536004/ Toni Braxton reacts to Kelly Rowland’s impressions of song, fans love their interaction

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