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Tom Holland’s mother called the Spider-Man producer to insist that her son had enough to go to the bathroom.

The 25-year-old actor said his mother Nicki Holland once called the studio on his behalf because she was worried there was no zipper in his suit so he could easily use the toilet.

Speaking of “Living with Kelly and Ryan,” Tom said, “I remember in the first movie we filmed this section on the stack at the Washington Monument, and I was in costume for several days in a row, about 11 p.m. [a day] and I was young and wanted to impress the studio and didn’t want them to think I needed [bathroom] breaks.

“I remember calling my mom during our daily phone calls and I said,‘ Mom, I’m really struggling, I work every day and because I wear a suit, I can’t go to the toilet, and then two days later the producer approached me and asked, “How are your kidneys?”

Tom explained that he was embarrassed, and after telling the producer that his kidneys were okay, he asked why he was asked about them.

The producer then replied, “Well, your mom called us… Yes, my mom called the biggest studio in the world and said, ‘Give my son more toilet games!'”

Tom also used his appearance on the show to close reports that he and his girlfriend Zendaya had bought a house in London together.

He said: “So many people have called me because apparently I bought a new house in South London? Which is not true! I didn’t buy a new house. I say, ‘Wow, what a surprise, I wonder if I’ll get the keys.’

Tom Holland’s Toilet Spider-Man Breaks – Movie News |

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