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Tom Hanks made an unexpected appearance during Jack Harlowof saturday night live episode. The acting legend, her 66-year-old, showed up alongside the rapper’s 24-year-old, who was attending an Alcoholics Anonymous conference in a sketch on Oct. 29. “Jessie, you haven’t been in the group for a while,” Bowen Yang’s character, who led the group, said to Jack’s character. Instead of discussing her struggle with alcohol, Jack’s Jesse informed the group that she had a “perfect idea for a Pixar movie.”In particular, Jack is Tom’s son’s friend. Chet Hanksis also a rapper.

“Well, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while… a concept for a moving computer-animated movie about a lost package trying to find its way home,” he explained. Instead of getting on board, the next person to speak wanted to know more. “So each suitcase has its own personality?” she asks. Jack’s Jesse had prepared several mockups, including a red suitcase, briefcase, and gym bag as the ‘main character’. Chloe Feynman I suggested there might be a “minion” type character with a talking neck pillow.

Tom Hanks joined the ensemble cast towards the end of the sketch. (NBC)

Jack had a lot more to offer about the script, using a number of international stickers to detail certain bags that traveled more ‘culturally’ than others. name? Pierre. “But he’s only been to airports and hotels, he’s never actually seen any of these places. But then as the credits roll, you’ll see pictures from all these famous landmarks.” The bag has finally brought Pierre into the world!” he exclaimed. Cecily Strong Another wonderful thought occurred to me. All of these movies have songs to sing at the Oscars. Her AA of Cecily turned out to be a talented musician as well, and she rolled out her piano and started singing “Pack Yourself With Love,” a song that fits the movie in question.

Tom Hanks has deep Pixar ties due to his role as Woody in “Toy Story.” (NBC)

“I think the question is who’s going to play the main suitcase. All of us — our Woody,” Bowen clarified to Tom’s character, Woody, after the group sang in unison. said in reference to toy story. toy storyGoing on to spawn three sequels, is the film that put Pixar on the map as a studio. And Tom himself appeared! “Is this AA? I’m Tom H — I’ve just taken the role of a researcher and I may be an alcoholic,” he offered the group. “So Tom, if you were a suitcase, what would be your catchphrase?” Jack asked. Tom then suggested the perfect line.

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