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Everything inside and outside the ballroom is love.previous DWTS host Tom Bergeron reveals his reaction to the show’s new co-host Alfonso Ribeiro“I’m very excited,” said Tom. hollywood life Exclusively at the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine tribute event Bob Saget September 22nd. conrad greenI think the two of them together will bring that show back to the feeling it was meant to have.

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro, co-hosts of “DWTS” Season 31. (Disney+)

Tom was banished as a host dance with the stars After 28 seasons, Tyra Banks Ahead of season 29.Alfonso the winner DWTS Season 19 joined the show as Tyra’s new co-host for Season 31. Tom revealed that Alfonso called him before news of the co-host went public.

“We had a great talk about it. We really did, and he knows he’s got my blessing,” said Tom. I took over the hosting business America’s Funniest Home Videos After Tom retired.

season 31 It premiered on Disney+, making it the first series to be broadcast live on the streaming service.Alfonso was at home DWTS Skybox interviewing contestants and their partners.

Tom came with some of Bob’s friends and widow Kelly Rizzo to honor the comedian passed away suddenly From an accidental blunt head injury in January 2022. Tom and Bob have been friends for many years.

Tom Bergeron Alfonso Ribeiro
Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson and Tom Bergeron in Season 19. (Everett Collection)

“It means a lot to celebrate his life and the amazing work he did for the organization. [the Scleroderma Research Foundation]But he was also a friend,” said Tom. hollywood life. “we video Brother of another mother. This event a few years ago was the first I tried to tire him out and get him to co-host his 25th anniversary. AFVs With me, he finally did. We had a great time, so this has a lot of great resonance for me. “

Looking back on his memories with Bob, Tom loved the time when Bob was “sage and mensch.”See his stand-up act, anyone who saw him AFVs Also Full house You would think he was two different people, but he wasn’t. He was a well-rounded entertainer and a very sweet person. “

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