Today’s “World” answer № 252: Saturday, February 26 Decision

Welcome, tainted. To the Lands Between. Did you come here for the Elden Ring?

Sorry, I’m confusing my games. This is Fr. Wordle a guide, not a new role-playing game fromSoftware!

Old Ring, in which I played a lot lately (Wordle doesn’t take that long!) actually reported my first guess today.

Let’s see.

Today’s answer to Wordle № 252

Careful, tired traveler! Great danger ahead! Bad beasts, horrible spiders!

Or, well, none of that. Here Elden’s Ring. What awaits you, dear Wordlers, is a spoiler. You have been warned.

But before we get there as well hintA: Don’t do this with beans.

And the answer is this. . .

So I tried “ELDEN” as a first guess, but it’s not a word on the answer list. Then I thought about using SOULS ever since Elden’s Ring it’s from the studio behind the popular Dark souls TV series.

But I stopped at BEAST because it’s a beast game filled with ferocious monsters. I had to guess PERIL – that would be the best discovery, alas!

Luckily, SLIME worked wonders (slippery beast!) And got me three letters, two right places. Unfortunately For some reason I forgot to use my “L” in the following assumption – you could say that I evaded this responsibility – and did not benefit from the assumption №3.

On the other hand, I knew that the word did not end in “e” or “k”, and I knew that the following assumption could not be skill or yet. It left me spill as a very viable option and lo and behold, it was right!

Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend!

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Today’s “World” answer № 252: Saturday, February 26 Decision

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