Today’s “World” Answer № 245: Saturday, February 19 Decision

Saturday’s Wordle is another challenging one, though that’s not why The New York Times somehow made the game harder.

Note: skip below for an answer. I’m going to talk a little Wordle.

Wordle obstacle?

I was, um, very embarrassed when I read this column in The Guardian with a catchy headline: “My five-letter reaction to the New York Times capturing Wordle? I’m leaving. “

Sure, catchy, but columnist Emma Brokes makes very peculiar arguments that I’m not sure they make up. The point of the column is that Brox no longer trusts the “puzzle master” (now NYT) why it’s a little harder for me to figure out.

For example, she writes that “after a week of scandalous NYT decisions, new puzzle owners, it’s only a matter of time” before she leaves the game. These “scandalous decisions”?

Removing some words from the list of possible assumptions and answers in the game – primarily bad words, which the document simply does not want in their games. This led, of course, to “scandal” AGORA / AROMA although Brokes kills this to an “administrative error” that is hardly a scandal.

Brokes also vaguely implies that the game is getting harder because of the new leadership. “I’ve been thinking a lot about whether words will get harder under the new leadership,” she wrote, but we know that’s not the case. The New York Times did not add more difficult words – again, only by removing some, they find either inappropriate or too incomprehensible (or perhaps insufficiently English, like Agora).

Brokes calls the NYT a “powerless destroyer of all things,” but explains the accusation only in the most obscure terms. “The main thing is the choice of words,” she writes, despite the fact that words remain generated by the same game as before. She’s not sure the game is getting harder – and refers to “tapir” as an example of a very complex word before acquiring – but “there’s something else in Wordle, now it’s running the Big Puzzle”.

So what’s so annoying about this Big Puzzle management?

Brokes explains, “On Wednesday I got‘ bury ’- a word I associate with‘ glass ’and it’s very incomprehensible – but this morning I exploded for the first time and didn’t get that word. It wasn’t because it was hard, but because it was easy, and I wasted two attempts at obscure words that I thought would most likely appear from the NYT puzzle table. ”

But but but! These words are there don’t come out of the NYT puzzles. These are the same words from the same list, minus a few more mischievous ones. Some NYT puzzle editor-in-chief, who is twirling his mustache, sneaks in the word “shake” to confuse observers.

If you want to see what’s new in Wordle under the new guide, I browse the details here. Read today’s solution and hint.

Today’s answer to Wordle № 245

As always, before moving on, I must warn: there will be spoilers! Yarg! Ahead spoilers, you ground!

And, of course, a hint: Only a pig would swallow like that.

And the answer is this. . .

** drum roll **

I feel very lucky with this from the very first assumption, and also unlucky with the last few. “SWILL” is one of those words that coincides with many other very similar words, such as SKILL and SHILL. The only reason I didn’t guess about SPILL was that ‘P’ was eliminated in ‘SPOIL’. The only reason I didn’t guess STILL was thanks to SLATE.

So it all worked out pretty well, but it could have gone worse given how less common SWILL is than most of the words he shares 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th letters with.

One strategy if you’ve come across a word with so many options in one of the letter slots – if you still have a couple of assumptions – is to try to come up with a word that you know is wrong but includes a few different options. So to see if the missing letter is T, K or H, you can guess, for example, “THINK”.

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend!

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Today’s “World” Answer № 245: Saturday, February 19 Decision

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