Today’s “World” answer № 240: decision Monday, February 14

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and Wordle doesn’t pull any punches.

The word puzzle has a viral sensation perfect a word for those of us who feel more than a little exhausted from all the love and romance.

It’s kind of the perfect storm. Valentine’s Day, Monday and the disappointing defeat of the Bengals during Sunday’s Super Bowl (sorry, Madden NFL 22 prediction). But today’s word of the day made me laugh – after I nearly knocked me out. This one is tough!

Introduction to Wordle

This should help you start the game if you haven’t played before. If you’re here to get today’s Wordle tips and solutions, read on!

Today’s answer to the word of the day No. 240

Spoiler warning! Today’s Wordle solution is ahead. If you don’t want to see an answer or even a hint, go back!

Okay, now the tip: For me, it’s Greek.

And the answer is this. . .

It was hard! I felt very concerned about the fourth assumption, with only three letters – all still in the wrong place – and only “I” and “Y” as vowels (mostly 1 and a half vowels!)

I guessed it was SUPER because of the Super Cup, although initially I was going to go for CLEAN. Clean would be the best word to start with, as it would give me a “C” in the right place and an “N” in the wrong place.

Instead I got an ‘N’ from FOUND. My next two assumptions gave me “I” and “Y” but left me with very little idea of ​​where to go next. The task here also eventually became a saving grace.

Since “I” couldn’t be in second or third place, it left me with far fewer possible assumptions. Most of the five letters I could think of had “I” in those places and “Y” at the end (BINGY, KINKY, etc.).

This meant that the word should start with I or before the last letter should be “I” – I’m sure not many words end in “I”. From here, it’s just a matter of brainstorming. Nothing that started with “I” came to mind, so I had to come up with something with “I” right in the fourth box, which means that “Y” almost certainly should have appeared earlier. The only word I could come up with was “CYNIC” and of course it was the word of the day.

This is a difficult word for many reasons. Two identical letters in the first and last place? Fuck! Essentially, ‘Y’ as a replacement for ‘I’. Not exactly the word you hear every day, although most people recognize it. We believe that cynics are largely interchangeable with skeptics, but of course cynicism is an ancient school of Greek philosophy. But the etymology I will leave to my father. I will update his notes later.

Thank you for coming and I hope your Valentine’s Day will be much better than mine!

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Today’s “World” answer № 240: decision Monday, February 14

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