to the pain of a cool, community-oriented pop from a future indie hero

You may have heard that Fr. vibration shift is coming. Don’t be surprised if Dreamer of Isioma relevant to this. The 21-year-old multi-genre artist, who lives in Chicago, wants listeners to take the opportunity to think more deeply; about myself, of course, but also about the universe as a whole. Their debut album “Goodnight Dreamer” focuses on a stylish character, also called Dreamer, who embarks on a multidimensional journey through time and space in search of answers to big questions about life, the universe and everything.

“When I started the project, I was just someone who wanted answers,” Dreamer says NME. “I had a lot of questions that needed answers, and when I researched my philosophical questions about life and what’s going on here, I kind of wrote my answers.” So, they say, the album became a “thoroughly scientific experiment.”

This playfulness and sense of discovery is clear from the very first listening. A kaleidoscopic blend of genres, “Goodnight Dreamer” combines inspiration from the afrophites and rock and roll of the 50s to more modern pop music and electro into something truly fresh, new.

“I don’t like being boxed,” says Dreamer. “I know people around me listen to different genres, so why don’t I make music of all genres? I think what people are most drawn to with me is the message and my aura, the energy of the song. ”

And there is no shortage of energy. The experiment seems to have given some answers. “Goodnight Dreamer” alternately raises doubts and assurances, the lyrics wandering between uncertainty and absolute certainty. “It was hard, to be honest,” they say. “I grew up trying more to find God than to seek myself. I grew up in a Christian home. And so when I walked away, became more independent and really just looked inside myself, it was hard for me because I wasn’t like everyone around me. ”

This sense of isolation obviously led him to look outside, reaching out for those other people who feel different, isolated or weird. “I think people will also see themselves in my writing, and that’s what worries me the most. I make music for people who aren’t like everyone else, or who are just trying to find themselves and understand what’s going on [them] or the world around them. And I hope that’s what people hear. “

Credit: Daniel Delgado

There is a feeling that Dreamer’s music is not only a connection, but also a discovery. From enthusiastic ecstasy “Quick! Sand! ‘ on “Crying in a Club Psycho-Pop Story of Experiencing Mental Breakdowns and Existential Crises,” “Goodnight Dreamer” oscillates between anguish and loss. The two are especially confused together on the fluid, knocking “Bad Ting” that goes through a cycle of love and pain. The video shows a bloodied dreamer with an arrow hanging from his stomach and then falling into the sea when he tries to snatch it. When the Dreamer sinks to the bottom, fighting for his life, reaches out and arms, Sleep on a summer night-esk character pulls them ashore. As the video goes on, it becomes clear that the winged creature, the Dreamer’s love, is probably the one who stabbed them.

“For me, it symbolizes that when you love someone, they save you. But they can also be the ones who will do the most to you, because they have such power in your life, ”Dreamer says. “And I feel like it’s happening to everyone, whether you love your partner, you love your job, you love God or the universe. This thing can bring you so much joy. But it can be picked up so quickly, in the blink of an eye. This is a concept that is quite wild for me. “

It is clear that Dreamer has carefully considered what the means of his music means and what it is used for. Their broader vision encompasses not only creating work that builds connections and helps people understand themselves a little better, but also what it can allow Dreamer to do in the real world. Already worked with Xanderana Foundationa medical and humanitarian charity run by their mother, Dreamer is well aware of the importance of supporting society.

“Creating a community is incredibly important to me. I truly believe that if young people can just come to one solid ground, we can make the world a better place. Because the world is literally in our hands, ”they say. “They say we didn’t do global warming, but we stuck with it. And now we need to figure out what to do with it. I want to create a militia of young people to help improve the world, and right now, I think, music is my beginning. In short, I just want to make the world a better place. And music is a website. ”

Isioma’s debut album “Goodnight Dreamer” was released on February 23

to the pain of a cool, community-oriented pop from a future indie hero

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