To overcome former Xavi Moroccan, Cain Lowry needs therapy

Despite all the recent rumors that Kyle and Xavi are reviving their past romance, Lowry claims that they are “forever over”. The former couple married in 2012 and divorced in 2017. For years, their relationship was not always pleasant. lane Monsters and critics.

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She explicitly states that “Never again will be a friend of Xavi Marakin.”

Lowry then explains his statement. “If Xavi and I are all right, I will never be his friend again. But listen to me.

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So, Over IT

“Like, I’m on therapy, so as not to be friends with him,” – said Cale. “They say this is what I am working on now. I’m in therapy now to talk about how not to be his friend, but to raise children in a civilized way and just not be best friends, because I think that being best friends is very toxic. “

Currently, Lowry also has a lot of problems with another ex-dad and baby, Chris Lopez. For months they struggled over an agreement on custody and child custody. Cale argues that Lopez is not paying his share when it comes to raising his sons Lux and Creed.

In fact, Cale claims that Lopez pays nothing at all. She claims Lopez feels that because she has the financial means to fully take care of the boys because she has more money than he, she must bear the whole financial burden.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Everything is ready for the claims of Kaleen Lowry

Xavi probably feels Teen mom Kyle’s star has no friends. He recently showed that his joint upbringing with the former is not going so well these days. Last fall, Cale revealed to fans that she is back in the dating game. And although she did not specify who she is seeing now, she left this information hidden.

It looks like Kahlin Lowry is okay at the moment if she doesn’t maintain a friendship with at least two of her boy’s three parents.

As for Xavi Morokin, he claims that he is currently single, but hints that he is ready to change his dating status when the right person appears.

“Teen Mom 2” returns in season 11 on Tuesday, March 8, at 8pm on MTV.


To overcome former Xavi Moroccan, Cain Lowry needs therapy

Source link To overcome former Xavi Moroccan, Cain Lowry needs therapy

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