‘Ticket to Paradise’ star George Clooney reveals why he’s ‘not allowed’ to give marriage advice

George Clooney is currently promoting the romantic comedy ‘Ticket to Paradise,’ which sees the superstar reunite with Julia Roberts. The Oliver Parker-directed production is slated for a theatrical release in the United Kingdom on 20th September, in India on 6th October, and in the United States on 21st October.

George Clooney thinks it’s too late to give marriage advice I’ve learned…” reports aceshowbiz.com.

However, he told E! News, “I started so late that I can’t give anyone advice. I just have to look like I’m the luckiest person alive and appreciate it.” ”

But the actor, who has five-year-old twins Ella and Alexander with a human rights lawyer, said the long wait to settle helped him see things “a little differently.” “We agree on most things,” he explained. At 61, apparently I… As I get older, I see things a little differently. ”

Clooney noted that one of the things “people always worry about” when the couple renovates their home might be the color of the paint. If I was younger, I would think it was a silly color, and now I just say, ‘I don’t care, who cares if the walls are yellow?'” he added.

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The Up in the Air actor recently claimed that he and his wife “never” argued during their eight-year marriage. It’s the perfect secret.It was easy.Like the easiest thing we’ve ever done in our lives.We’ve never had an argument.”

Clooney went on to explain that he was “taken away” the moment he laid eyes on Amal, praising her and describing his wife as “very smart and beautiful,” adding, “It was easy. In the door.” And the fun part was I didn’t know if she liked me or something like that. A great woman who was very pleasant, smart and beautiful and I was so enamored.With her I started writing her letters.”

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https://www.dnaindia.com/hollywood/report-ticket-to-paradise-star-george-clooney-discloses-why-he-is-not-allowed-to-give-marriage-advice-2992677 ‘Ticket to Paradise’ star George Clooney reveals why he’s ‘not allowed’ to give marriage advice

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