‘Ticket To Paradise’ Earns $6.4 Million On Friday, ‘Halloween Ends’ Plunges 88%

In even better news for the theater industry as a whole, Universal’s TICKETS TO PARADISE It opened Friday with $6.4 million. The final of Universal’s four live-action comedies offered this year was marry me easter sunday When Brothers, showed that the subgenre (even without music, action and fantasy) is not quite dead yet. ) and an A- from Cinemascore, we can expect a domestic launch of over/under $16.5 million. Ol Parker’s her $60 million rom-com about her two badly divorced parents (George Clooney and Julia Roberts) teaming up to sabotage their daughter’s wedding, legs like hell should be long. Oscar season expansion aside, there’s nothing until Thanksgiving weekend for grown-ups who don’t like superheroes and horror movies, and it’s already made $73 million overseas after a month-long international expansion.

In Oscar rollout news, Martin McDonagh’s amazing Inishelin’s Banshee It debuted in four theaters yesterday and earned $67,000 for a weekend of maybe $161,000. Expect an average of $40,348. United Artists to It has expanded to 104 theaters ahead of its nationwide rollout next weekend. Daniel Deadweiler’s critically acclaimed real-life drama making Oscar buzz fetched him $120,000 on Friday, and perhaps the weekend he made $351,000 (+45%), averaging his $351,000 per theater. was $3,377.Cate Blanchett tar It will spread over the next weekend. The number of theaters expanded to 141, and weekend box office grosses should average $3,617 per theater, or $1,215,000 over 17 days.Find out how many of this year’s acclaimed Oscar contenders can top sales Phobias 2 ($5.7 million, up, not down).

Universal and Blumhouse halloween ends posted a near-record 89% drop on its second Friday, perhaps $8 million (-80%) for just $2.74 million over the weekend, for a 10-day total of $54.177 million. Bad reviews, divisive word of mouth, and the simultaneous availability of Peacock quickly killed this one.I’m old enough to remember the greatest times Halloween The film grossed $47 million (Halloween 1978), $55 million (Halloween: H20 1998) and $58 million (Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake in 2007) Total.Paramount’s
smile While adding 142 theaters in Season 4, it still earns $2.57 million (-32%) and remains the scariest movie of Scary Season. $8.5 million for the weekend (-32%) and $84.5 million for the 24-day total, scream. passes halloween kills ($92 million) will compete over the $100 million milestone next weekend.

bloody disgusting Phobias 2 It grabbed mainstream media attention this week as reports of audience fainting and vomiting led to petitions calling for the film to be banned. halloween ends Or the schmuck that tried to raise $200 million for the remake the last jediIt’s nice to see that old school video nasty type flicks can still get the torch and pitchfork in this fragmented media culture. Art the Clown’s 138 minute epic The smasher sequel fetched $545,500 (+118%) on Friday and probably $2.29 million (+122%) on the weekend, with domestic revenue of $5.651 million. Even considering the concept of demographically specific event movies (think about it) RRR, Christmas with the Chosen Ones, BTS: Allowed to Danceetc.), which is quite unexpected. Phobias 2 is changing into Greatest Showman of the unrated slashing epic.

Sony’s lyle lyle crocodile earned $1.185 million (-41%) on Friday, probably $4.19 million (-43%) over the weekend, and a disappointing 17-day total of $28.7 million.Sony’s queen earned $520,000 on Friday (-49%), $1.93 million on the weekend (-48%), and $62.9 million in 38-day domestic revenue.warner bros discoveries don’t worry darling $44 million by Day 31, 20th Century Studios All-Star (and $80 million) Amsterdam $4 million from 20th Century Studios, R-rated original savage It is expected to surpass $40 million domestically this weekend. smile Stole a lot of the buzz. Top Gun: Maverick A 61% drop on weekend 22 and a weekend of $261,000 will definitely leave the top 10, probably forever.it should solve titanic-Worthwhile legs, $716.5 million domestically and approximately $1.48 billion worldwide.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/10/22/movies-box-office-friday-ticket-to-paradise-smile-halloween-ends-terrifier/ ‘Ticket To Paradise’ Earns $6.4 Million On Friday, ‘Halloween Ends’ Plunges 88%

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