Thursday, October 27 Wordle Tips, Clues & Answers #495 Word of the Day Guide

Since today is Thursday, Thor’s Day, I thought I’d do some trivia. In other words, Thor’s trivia. So here are some interesting facts about the Norse god of thunder.

  • Thor was a popular deity among all Germanic peoples in pre-Christian times, but the peak of his popularity occurred during the late Viking Age in Scandinavia.
  • Thor’s nemesis is Jormungandr, a giant serpent that surrounds the human world of Midgard. The two eventually face off at Ragnarok. Joining Jormungand in this final battle is Fenrir, the wolf devouring the world and Odin. Thor and Jormungand eventually kill each other. Thor slaughters the snake with a ferocious blow of his hammer, Mjolnir, but before he dies, he ends up covered in so much snake venom that he is only nine steps away from dying.
  • Some gods survive Ragnarok and find themselves in a beautiful new world. Vidar — Odin’s son who takes revenge on the wolf Fenrir — along with Vali, Baldr, and Hodor. Thor’s own sons, Modi and Magni, are said to have survived Ragnarok, depending on which story you believe.
  • One time, Thor’s hammer was stolen by giants and taken to their world, Jotunheim. Loki discovers the hammer in the possession of the chief giant, Slim, who tells Loki that he will not give the hammer back until Freya becomes his wife. This prompts Heimdall to pitch the idea. Thor is able to go to Jotunheim in the guise of Freya, who agrees to marry the monstrous Jarl as a ruse to retrieve the hammer. He did so after some reluctance, with Loki on his side. Thanks to Loki’s silver tongue and trickery, they trick the giant, who places the hammer on “Freyja”‘s lap, making the ceremony sacred. Thor then grabs the hammer and kills Slim and all the other giant thieves.

And that’s the Viking lore of the day! Let’s play Wardle.

Wordle Solution of the Day (Spoilers!)

Tips: Gym [___] When [___] Grant share This name is not spelled this way.

clue: This word has double letters.


My guess today was lucky. It still took him three guesses, so this wasn’t his two guesses, but it was a pretty close result.

Beyond mere luck, my first guess is—Vulgarity-was also ironic.I didn’t know it at the time, but my guess is Vulgar Left me with 69 remaining solutions.

Luckily we had two green boxes, but we were left with a lot of possible words.went together Hade Guess number 2. I could have ruled out potential letters instead of looking for words with two green letters, but nothing came to mind. Hade We have reduced the remaining solutions to 7.

Now I had a yellow ‘C’, but I was almost 100% sure it wasn’t the letter in the middle. you need words.

When I put the ‘C’ in the opening box, I immediately thought candy, But both ‘N’ and ‘D’ are already removed.The next word that comes to mind is bring, I was almost certain this would not be the correct answer, but at least it tells me if I was right about “C.”

Lo and behold, I was right not only about the “C”, but also about the double R. Haza!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/26/todays-wordle-495-hint-clues-and-answer-for-thursday-october-27th/ Thursday, October 27 Wordle Tips, Clues & Answers #495 Word of the Day Guide

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