Thousands of fans return for the annual festival

If you look at the Jacob Javits Center at the annual New York Comic Con (aka NYCC, Thursday, October 6th through Sunday, October 9th), you’d think the pandemic never happened. Unlike his strict health protocol during his live return to The Gathering last year, the panel only required him to wear a mask. I didn’t have to show my vaccination card to enter. And given that we tend to dress up like superheroes and villains (or whatever comes to mind), wearing a mask seemed like part of the costume!

As with any comic contest, fans from all over the world came together to celebrate our love of comics, especially superheroes and villains, graphic novels, anime, cosplay, toys, movies, television and nostalgia. For example, this past weekend, you’ll find lesser-known TV-themed items like this “Tootie” doll from the 1980s sitcom in an endless assortment of DC Comics and Marvel themes. Maybe. life factsSeriously, does this really look like a young Kim Fields?

More recently, there have been 51 new Funko Pop figures for sale at NYCC. Not to mention endless action dolls, games, clothing, artwork, handcrafted items and more. It was impossible to walk him through one of the endless merchandising aisles without being tempted to buy something.

Of course, Comic-Con is heaven for celebrity appearances.the best was back to the future Stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunite to reminisce about their trilogy partnership as time-traveling high school student Marty McFly and eccentric “Doc” Emmett Brown.

β€œThe chemistry was there from the very first scene,” says Christopher Lloyd.

that same day Halloween Franchise star Jamie Lee Curtis and daytime talk show host Drew Barrymore.

“No matter what I do, no matter what I do forever, Laurie Strode owes you and I thank you,” said a tearful Jamie Lee Curtis. halloween ends at theater and streaming service Peacock. “At this point, Jamie and Laurie are tied together. No separation. Without Laurie Strode, my life is nothing. Nothing. I have no career, no family.”

There was no shortage of TV-focused panels and Sunday afternoon conversations about what was to come. Super natural prequel winchesterlearned about additional casts small building Sturt Tom Welling opposite Drake Rogers and Meg Donnelly Super natural prequel winchester.

Among the never-ending opening day announcements was a Netflix series Wednesday Wednesday, November 23rd, featuring Christina Ricci facing Wednesday Addams’ successor, Jenna Ortega.The third and final season of star trek picard at Paramount+ on February 16, 2023),

moreover, walking dead In a panel, cast members Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased an upcoming spin-off series. The Walking Dead: Dead City, It follows Maggie and Negan as they venture into New York City, which has been cut off since the zombie apocalypse began. The show will premiere in his April 2023.

With an estimated 200,000+ attendees at NYCC 2022, fans like me have already marked their calendars for next year, October 12-15, 2023. And since this author’s Comic Con isn’t complete with souvenirs, here’s mine. Bam! Captive! Kaboom! See you next year at Comic Con!

https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcberman1/2022/10/10/new-york-comic-con-fans-return-in-droves-for-the-annual-festivities/ Thousands of fans return for the annual festival

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