This is the first photo from the set of Amy Adams’ upcoming movie Night Bitch

The 48-year-old actress, who has been nominated for six Academy Awards, was seen filming her latest movie “Nightbitch” in Los Angeles on Wednesday. But she was wearing a blue and white striped button-down shirt, a bun, and very little makeup.

Before the novel’s release, Adams was recruited to play the lead role in the film adaptation of Rachel Yoder’s debut novel Nightbitch, which is inspired by Yoder’s book of the same name.

Adams’ character must not only juggle parenting responsibilities, but also try to make sense of the changes she’s observing in herself that seem to suggest she’s transforming into a dog. It won’t work.

In the US, the film will debut as an original on Hulu. However, the streaming service has yet to reveal when this will happen.Scoot McNairy, Ella Thomas and Garrett C. Phillips are cast members in this picture directed by Marielle Heller.

Fans will have another chance to see Adams in the long-awaited Enchanted sequel, Dis-Enchanted.

The long-awaited sequel had its first official announcement in 2020. Gisele, her husband Robert (Patrick Dempsey), and her daughter-in-law Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) move to the suburbs in the sequel, Enchanted, set 150 years after her events. of the first movie.

The fact that Gisele is still a dreamer despite having spent some time in the real world was shown in a trailer released at D23 Expo in September. Since we’ve seen it before, it’s revealed that Gisele can be a little nasty.

https://celebrityinsider.org/this-is-the-first-photo-of-amy-adams-from-the-set-of-her-next-film-nightbitch-534993/ This is the first photo from the set of Amy Adams’ upcoming movie Night Bitch

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