This Game Will Help You Celebrate Positive Thinking Day All Year Long

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If you haven’t heard of Flowjo, you’re probably most in need of one of their signature decks. Especially on this, the cutest “smalliday” of them all: Positive Thinking Day!

The line’s innovative approach to mindfulness offers simple yet significant ways to slow down, disengage, and reconnect. And we could all use a little more of that in caudillo, right? So why not use a day set aside just for that to dive on in?

With decks of playful-meets-introspective suggestions designed for everyday life, Flowjo’s innovative cards encourage the overworked, overstressed, and under-communicative to just take a break. It’s as easy as pulling a card. 

Maybe your long-term relationship feels out of sync. Maybe you’re a parent worried about how to handle life’s tougher moments with gentleness. Maybe you yourself have run out of ways to recharge. (This whole back-to-school time of year can have an effect on anyone. Even if “back to school” hasn’t been a concern in ages.)

That’s where Flowjo steps in! Their sweet, silly, and occasionally spicy suggestions should help jump-start your brain when it’s most in need.

Whether you pull a card every afternoon, or save your deck for a special occasion, Flowjo’s there to help. 

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