This exfoliating and moisturizing lotion is a game-changer for smooth skin

Here are the reviewer’s comments:

“I bought this on the recommendation of my sister. It was recommended by a dermatologist. I was going to use it only on my body, but my skin felt so soft that I tried it on my face before going to bed. I was surprised. The next morning my face is smooth!
I now use it on my face every morning and night! It smoothes out my wrinkles!
I saw a big improvement in my chest too! Lines are smoother and brown spots are reduced! Highly recommend this product! Shake well before use. The fragrance is very mild. “

“Had my KP and extreme ingrown hair problems, so put this on after a hard shower. Don’t shave without putting this on afterwards. If you have current ingrown hairs, Put this on before you go to bed at night.It’s a great product.I also put it on my back after bath to prevent wrinkles.”

“I have suffered from hyperpigmentation all over my body my whole life and have tried all kinds of products and so far this has worked the best to lighten my problem areas. Sensation in sensitive areas ( Not a miracle worker, but it did soften my skin and made it brighter with constant use (works especially well under my arms). 10/10 for keratosis, but the only place it works on average is on my neck, which is also a big problem area for me :/. This product is great for dry areas, prone to flaky or hyperpigmented areas.”

“That’s why I bought this lotion to even out the moisture on my skin and feet. I wouldn’t recommend using this lotion on the face at all because it’s very powerful. It works great on cell turnover.” I use it in conjunction with my goat milk soap.”

“I love this!! I have been using it daily since I bought it (about a month) and my stubborn KP has completely healed! Nothing worked (I exfoliate regularly. But I’m still doing it now), I was very sad.I thought it would never go away.Many years have passed.This really saved me!!

https://www.eonline.com/news/1356200/this-exfoliating-and-hydrating-lotion-is-a-game-changer-for-smooth-skin?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories This exfoliating and moisturizing lotion is a game-changer for smooth skin

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