The Witches of Mercury turn back the old lands, but build a slightly better world

Following a survey from Episode 2, Sleta and her air We’re in yet another duel, but this one might all look a little familiar.

while Sleta has already won gel jetak in the first episodethe result is voided and the match is restarted.

However, this time Guel is piloting something newer and more sophisticated. Dalibalde (Above) Newly written by a new mecha designer Osakabe Ippei.

Dalibalde can effectively pilot himself through a funky AI setup, and can detach his limbs and control them remotely.

In some ways, Daribalde is more like Aerial’s drone partnership, so this fight isn’t one-sided.

The duel is decidedly more fleshed out, with new rules and etiquette in use, not to mention foreshadowing the future opponents Suletta will face.

Gel loses the battle again, but he loses with greater skill and learns a bit of humility.Once the duel is over, he proposes to Sureta, still very Utena.

The important thing going on in the background is all the corporate politics and how Guell’s father tries to rig the match.

lady prospera She reappears and is openly shown to be Sretta’s mother, with other companies trying to delve into her past.

this is Gundam Show, mecha combat is an important part of the story, and this episode somewhat re-reads the events of the first one.

However, the big difference here is that this is a proper fight and the results will last. So Sleta stayed in school, Miorine somewhat emancipated from her father.

My guess here is that the duel will result in each of Suletta’s opponents working with her to overthrow the stifling corporate system and make way for a larger, more complex story.

I think Mioline’s wish to go to Earth is also a big part of it.

Either way, it was a decent mobile suit battle and a solid episode that laid the groundwork for more interesting story developments in the future.

Gundam Witch of Mercury Currently, crunch roll.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2022/10/17/the-third-episode-of-gundam-the-witch-from-mercury-retreads-old-ground-but-does-a-bit-of-nice-world-building/ The Witches of Mercury turn back the old lands, but build a slightly better world

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