The Weeknd and Drake Skip Grammy Awards for Second Year in a Row

Drake and The Weeknd have decided to skip the 2023 Grammy Awards, according to Vibe. This is her second year that the two Canadian singers have missed the opportunity to attend the awards ceremony.

The two musicians, who have worked together for over a decade, have previously expressed their dissatisfaction with the behind-the-scenes activities at the Recording Academy on entirely separate occasions. The organization is responsible for awards that many consider to be the most prestigious honors that can be achieved in the music industry.

After the Grammys ignored his acclaimed and commercially successful 2020 album After Hours, The Weeknd said he would not attend in 2021 because the song included “Blinding Lights.” rice field.

The Save, Your Tears singer allegedly took aim at the Recording Academy’s opaque voting methods when choosing nominees and winners when she told The New York Times in March 2021: Grammy. ”

In an interview with Billboard published earlier that year, in January 2021, The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonnen Tesfaye, expressed his displeasure.

Let me be clear, I couldn’t care less. In an interview with a music magazine, he said, “I have three Grammys and they mean nothing to me now.” I’m not good at speaking in public anyway. So get the awards show out of your head.

“I use the sucker punch analogy,” the 32-year-old musician continued. Because he seemed to come out of nowhere and surprise me. I felt… I had a feeling. I don’t know if what I felt was sadness or anger. I think there was just some confusion. Simply put, I needed an answer. So what exactly happened?

https://celebrityinsider.org/the-weeknd-and-drake-have-skipped-the-grammys-for-two-years-in-a-row-535102/ The Weeknd and Drake Skip Grammy Awards for Second Year in a Row

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