“The Velvet Rope” by Janet Jacon, 25

Janet Jackson, ‘The Velvet Rope’, 1997. Photo: Ellen von Unwerth

October 7, 1997, Janet Jackson released her to critical acclaim velvet ropeIn stark contrast to her previous albums was the iconic artist opening herself up to the world. past traumaAnd so on, making this project the most creatively liberating to date.

Jackson’s 22-track LP debuted more than four years after the 1993s. Janet, and again featured the work of longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It was released shortly after she signed a record-breaking $80 million deal with Virgin, but shortly after the Indiana native’s deep personal turmoil. After suffering from marital problems for a long time, velvet rope It served as an exit on Jackson’s journey to self-discovery, but that journey may have been difficult.

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Like other important R&B albums of the time (i.e. Mariah Carey’s butterfly),velvet rope Flirting with the sound of hip-hop. It was popularized on songs like “Go Deep” and “Got ‘Til It’s Gone” featuring Joni Mitchell and Q-Tip. In addition to Jackson’s musical transition, she explored bisexual themes and addressed some of the obstacles her LGBTQ+ community still faces today. On tracks like “Tonight’s The Night” and “Free Xone,” Janet tells listeners the story of how love is a universal experience that shouldn’t be limited by social norms.

Despite some songs velvet rope As you might suggest, this album isn’t just about physical intimacy. Moreover, it is also a record of self-examination and transparent and expressive vulnerability. The third track on the LP titled “”You are‘, Janet talks about her struggle with acceptance. she I want to be regardless of the public perception of her. She contrasts these feelings of self-doubt with “Special,” and we can see Jackson reinforcing a more positive outlook on his life. On “What About,” the Grammy Award-winning entertainer abusive relationship Re-adding the range of emotions you can hear and feel in this 1997 classic.

The influence of Janet's creative and liberating album 'The Velvet Rope'
Courtesy of the Jackson Jackson Archive

“I believe we all need to feel special,” Janet whispered in the opening interlude. is this desire this need was created velvet ropeThe album title symbolizes the emotional barriers we put up to protect ourselves from pain and disappointment.Throughout her already legendary career, Jackson has also defended herself in ways that may have contributed to her success, but hindered her development in other parts of her life. velvet ropeshe was able to remove those emotional and creative barriers and rise to new heights not only as a woman but as a musician.

25 years later, velvet rope It can still be felt around the world and heard in many forms of music. Since its release Rihanna, UsherThe Weeknd, Kelly Rowland, and many others have cited the album’s influence in one way or another. It is also believed to have been important in the development of alternative R&B, a popular subgenre that includes some of today’s most notable acts.

The freedom exuded by Jackson’s sixth studio release has empowered many generations of artists not only to push musical boundaries, but also to embrace subjects and themes once considered taboo. for Janet velvet rope It may represent one moment, but for everyone else it was the body of work that cemented her cultural standing icon.

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