‘The Rings Of Power’ season finale predictions, trailers, images and more

Amazon’s big budget Lord of the Ring television adaptation ring of power Almost finished. We’re seven episodes deep with him, and all will be revealed in the series finale soon, at least according to the trailer.

I have my doubts about that. This show is too obsessed with Mystery Boxes to play all the cards by the end of Season 1. Final season.

Of course my biggest question is: Could this show correct its course and redeem it? Why did Amazon make this show in the first place?

Here’s the season finale trailer:

Before moving on to forecasting, I want to say a few words about this for two reasons. First, the trailer gives us clues that help shape our predictions. Second, this is the weirdest season finale trailer I’ve ever seen.

Actually this should have been the trailer they showed Previous They aired this show in the first place.As a pre-season trailer that gets people excited with an epic story, this works well. ring of power Just saw this trailer and I’m thrilled. Exciting, tense, mysterious, lots of action, sword fighting, explosions and magic.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen episodes where most of the footage is drawn.little very A short shot is from the season finale. The rest are from previous episodes. As such, it makes a lot more sense as a trailer for the show rather than a trailer for the final episode where we barely get a glimpse.

What we see (and hear):

Three witches are probably speaking who “Who you really are will finally be known, for you are Lord Sauron…” (Awkward phrase, but it’s nothing new ring of power).

The next part is a scene of Sauron wearing Peter Jackson’s regalia. Others say it’s the first time they’ve seen him, but this is actually footage from the first episode. I’ll elaborate on who they’re talking to in a moment.


Here we see Galadriel and Halbrand heading towards Elijon.

We know they are because both their horses and costumes match what they were riding/wearing when they left Numenor’s camp. I understand this.

Here we can see Galadriel in a lovely green and gold dress finally taking off her plate cuirass:

In a new promotional image Amazon just released, Galadriel can be seen wearing the same dress and wielding a dagger. is with Celebrimbor at the forge.

Here she is with it and talking to Celebrimbor – perhaps threatening an elf blacksmith with it? are you going to threaten me?

Celebrimbor and Elrond can be found by the blacksmith in the trailer. Elves are watching in the background:

Here’s the Forge: There are some melts. . . Mithril maybe?

Between Galadriel’s dagger-wielding stance and Celebrimbor’s words in the trailer, “We’re building a new kind of power!”, I read this scene as a sort of controversy.

That’s all for Elegion.

witch and haft

This shot of a head witch who appears to be casting a dark enchantment is new.

The promotional material has more witch shots. First up is the head witch, cast a spell or audition for Season 6. Cobra Kai.

And here are three witches who stand up to strangers. Remember, in the trailer we hear them say, “Now that you are Lord Sauron, it will finally be known who you really are…” Sometimes they may be saying this. Or… the stranger might be Sauron, but that makes no sense.

Finally, there are two images of the Harfoots who seem to have yet to leave their caravan and say essentially nothing about the finale.

My guess is that Galadriel and Halbrand somehow crossed paths with House Hafutt and the witches, giving us clues that Halbrand is actually Sauron. However I have to admit that these images and trailers made me wonder if the show really positioned a stranger as Sauron, even though he looks like a pretty nice guy rescuing the Hobbits from wolves. It won’t work.

There are some conflicts — this show worship Have characters debate around blacksmithing over using mithril and forging rings. Although not shown here, Halbrand plays an important role.

Can we meet Dwarves and Numenoreans? There’s nothing in the trailers or images to suggest that, so it’s hard to say. Or the soldier Prince Theo? Again, nothing in the trailer. We also have no real clue as to where their story is going at this point.

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Here it is my prediction video for ring of power Season 1 Finale:

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