‘The Rings Of Power’ has inexplicably terrible writing

I have a sad realization: Amazon creators Lord of the rings: Ring of power They know how to make a spectacle, but they don’t know how to tell a good story.

There, blood is scrawled on the wall. The writers and showrunners in charge of this show could have dazzled me with some excellent fan fiction. I would have been completely happy if you had created a fun story for me.

Unfortunately, ring of power It’s so badly written that it ignores even my worst fears. Oh yeah, I was awed and impressed by his first two episodes like so many others. But when the glitter wears off, how quickly a badly written TV series can wear out its welcome.

“Not all that glitters is gold” is an old adage. That’s what Tolkien turned his head over for “The Mystery of the Strider”—Not everything that is gold shines.

However ring of power I know how to shoot elves riding horses and orcs jumping trees in slow motion. The gigantic statue of an ancient elf king and the glowing city are well represented. There’s a sweeping score that’s lovely to listen to, but perhaps a bit incessant, like the show’s melodrama.

The problem is everything else.

Galadriel’s adventures in Numenor are just embarrassing to be honest. She arrived there after being rescued, effectively bullying everyone in her path, like an elf version of a Steamroller. The Queen Regent has his hands full from the moment Galadriel bursts through the door and she demands to see the King at once and asks for an army.

Miriel has to lock her up and then turn her back into an elf to stop her. Have you decided to leave your people to war in a strange land? Everything that happens in Numenor is a plot shortcut.Move the plot forward no matter how many characters are killed in the process. Recent Spy Notes on Hilarious and Bad Black Speech This is another great example of shoddy writing in this show)>

Instead of actual character drama, ring of power Simply make everyone bicker and argue with each other all the time. Be it Isildur and his father and friends, Elrond and his Durin, Nori and the village elders, Bronwyn and the village idiots, or Galadriel, well, everyone just seems to quarrel.

The people Galadriel wants to save are evil and foolish, and some of them seem ready to drop pins with Sauron. Should I care about Galadriel’s quest to fight for the

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I don’t mind Elrond and Durin and Durin’s wife Disa, but their stories are spinning in comparison to all the others. If the rest of the show was also willing to take a little time, it would and might work. I am completely satisfied with the slow show that did a good job developing the characters.This show is boring and rushed at the same time.

I like Harfoots, but they are also written in a very strange corner. “I can’t walk alone!” A small folk song is sung to die in pain, leaving the lame and the elderly, the sick and the crippled.

Then there’s the new villain Adder. I was excited for him at first.He seemed like a pretty compelling bad guy — until he let Aronda go “Send a message to someone” If you ask me it might be “that’s why”

I guess, just because the writers didn’t bother coming up with more clever ways to get Arondir out of there? ways to undermine the very tension you were hoping to create.

However, there is a spectacle. There are a lot of big, dramatic moments with . . literally no build-up to them. Arondir is freed and rescues Theo just in time. They then run through the woods (directly where Bronwyn found them!) and escape dozens of orcs.bounty hunter from obi wan kenobiIt should remind you of Boromir at this point, right? Lots of little callbacks to the Jackson trilogy. Lots of reminders that those movies were much better.

I don’t earn anything in Ring of Power. Neither emotional nor epic. Things only happen because the writer wants them.something happens after that something else happens. There is no real outcome, no really hard place to get out of, a chain of events unfolding, frictionless and boring.

Galadriel got his army just by jerking for a few days, but now what? Let’s go to war! The problem is that we don’t care. Arondir is back in his Bronwyn and his news is very dire!The problem is we don’t care!

This is bad writing, pure and simple. Poor characterization. Choppy dialogue. Characters who make no sense and clearly hate each other as much as we hate them. Everything feels forced and contrived, especially in Galadriel’s story.

Here I am trying to imagine the writing process how they came up with this A story of all the stories they can spin.they had carte blanche To craft the Middle-earth fable they wanted, they gave us cobblestone nonsense with a cast of characters we could barely stand, oozing false gravity but real stakes. You are thrown haphazardly into predicaments and events where you have no money.

I do not understand. I really don’t I really wanted to like this show and completely suspend my disbelief. treat like expensive fan fictionBut this feels cheap.

It was a program that I was looking forward to with my children. Well, I guess I don’t mind. That’s about as bad a verdict as I can muster.

(I will continue to enjoy lock & key Look forward to Season 4 of dragon prince season 1 of willow. there is always arcane to survive us, or Lord of the Ring movie. Andor Right next door. There are so many good things to see these days. You don’t have to sit still on this slog, but I’ll keep an eye on it so I can continue the review.)

How to tell a good story

All the money in the world can’t save bad writing. No amount of spectacle can be superimposed on a poor script.

for all its spectacle, ring of power It lacks something precious: a sense of adventure.

Here are some thoughts:

Perhaps the creators of the show should have started small. He of these stories chose one or he two to plant and care for, giving them room to breathe and time to grow.

Develop this small batch of characters and give us a reason to care and root for them (or hate them, despise them, or just felt somehow for them).

Then put those characters in a tight spot that creates tension. Giving them tough choices that are as painful for us to watch as the characters do. It advances the story through organic character motivations and interactions that make sense and unfold naturally.

Don’t rush it all at once, take it slow, epic, time-spanning, globe-trotting, and build towards something that changes the world.

After all, it’s not just about stepping into Mordor. You must first leave the Shire and trek to Rivendell. Hear elven songs, tell stories in taverns, and see beauty and danger. People grow and change along the way. Adventure is as much in the heart as it is along the winding roads and winding valleys and in the tall towers of warlike men.

In other words, tell the good story first. And let that story find its way into your epic fantasy. not the other way around.

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