‘The Rings Of Power’ Has Galadriel Issues

Amazon episode 3 Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power, Galadriel finally smiles.

Unfortunately, for a character with little emotional range, this is a radically expressive change. She’s probably the occasional glow or bewilderment, but most of the time she grimaces and glares at people.

I think a lot of the criticism of this version of Galadriel misses the mark. She’s not a “Mary Sue” as some have claimed. For one thing, she’s too reluctant to be a Mary Sue. And her character is too old and too experienced to qualify for her: Mary Seuss, by definition, can do everything without the training or experience required for such mastery. Good character.

If you’re not sure what a Mary Sue is, I Discuss the concept in the video below:

I also don’t mind that she’s portrayed as a warrior and has sword skills. Lord of the Ring, By that time, however, she was nearly 10,000 years old at Give or Take. It’s no surprise that she’s mastered some skills with her blade and possibly many other weapons.A level 200 High Elf. She is multiclass to the gills.

Unfortunately, ring of power Despite being thousands of years old by this point, Galadriel does not seem to have mastered the skills of people. It arouses a fighting spirit for no reason.

She is an elder of Valinor’s immortal race, and one of the few who survived the First Age to see two trees. Still, she acts like a grumpy teenager, so much so that Elendil says that it actually reminds her of his own children. But he is neither as old nor as wise as Galadriel. Yet here he is nibbling on her like her doting father.

After three episodes, I must also admit that I sadly think the casting choices here were a mistake. I like most of the cast at this point, but Galadriel is the weak link, and while I’m sure Morphid Clarke is a great actor, she’s just not convincing as Galadriel. The writing, and perhaps if her character had been written better, we wouldn’t notice it so much, but she doesn’t seem like an incredible Galadriel at all.

With Galadriel’s setting as the show’s primary protagonist and five seasons planned, I’ll admit I’m starting to worry. ring of power I had a lot of fun with the third episode, but I’m really worried that Galadriel will sink the ship if big changes aren’t made to his character. This is a pity. Again, a very expensive and beautifully shot TV show slips away because for all that money, the quality of the writing just isn’t there.

i still enjoy ring of power, And the massive campaign against it is ridiculous and largely made up by people who made up their minds long before it came out.Lament that it is somehow overly awake or agenda-driven obviously unnatural and very pointlessBut that doesn’t mean the show doesn’t have legitimate issues, and unfortunately Galadriel is one of them.

PS No, I’m not suggesting Galadriel smile more. Galadriel always has a very stony face in this show, but suddenly, from her smirking ears There’s this painfully long shot to the pointy ear. The problem is that she’s written to be so headstrong and cocky that she lacks other basic social skills such as diplomacy and patience, making her a more balanced and compelling character. Then suddenly, in slow motion, they give us this:

9/12 update

Most of the reactions I’ve seen to this piece have been positive, and anecdotally at least, the general fan reaction to Galadriel online seems to be in line with mine.

I’m sure the next few weeks will have a lot to do with how fans view the character, but for now, she’s definitely fallen into the strong female protagonist trap that has doomed so many other modern characters.

I wrote She-Hulk about this, but I think they took a different approach to writing that character.In the Disney+ show, She-Hulk (a.k.a. Jennifer Walters) is actually quite compelling and fun. She’s a very likable lead role, and her fourth-wall-breaking side characters are fun and entertaining.

The problem the show runs into is that it feels the need to constantly make men around She-Hulk caricatures of sexist and misogynistic men. But by banging the facts over the head, the audience begins to feel preached. This isn’t the best feeling when you want to enjoy the story.

Ultimately, this degrades She-Hulk’s personality, making her appear stronger simply because the men around her are so awful. is far worse than the very sexist phrases I’ve heard from other men).

This is very similar to making a hero smart by making all other characters around him very stupid.Instead of making the viewer think, “Oh, this character is smart!” It was Idiot too! ”

But even if the writers fall into a similar trap, the way they treat Galadriel isn’t the same. Indeed, characters like Halbrand and Elendil do pretty well by comparison. Even the overly cautious Gil-Galad and Elrond at least seem patient and calm compared to the overly emotional and constantly angry Galadriel.

Here, Galadriel is presented as a trope for a strong female protagonist, with her strength equal to her raging fury. He seems to think that he looks stronger, and has a draw knife in Elendil.

Unfortunately, this only gives Galadriel the same traits as a toxic man, not the tough man we really want to see like Aragorn, but the vaunted, impatient, and often abusive man we put in the antagonist category. He is a patient man.

Placing Galadriel as a stubborn, young, more warrior-like elf also reveals some of her more admirable qualities, such as wisdom and grace, as well as an innate power that makes her presence an otherworldly experience. It could have worked better if given. She shouldn’t have reminded Elendil of his children. She needs to give him equal parts of her reverence and fear just by getting closer to a creature he’s never met before. Sure, you don’t have to dial it that high, but elves are supposed to be exotic. He is the one and only elf in this show. Galadriel’s strength should come from her wisdom and command, all barking and not biting, as well as her ability to make her demands and behave tough.

Even the troll scenes could have been handled better by showing off her leadership skills rather than showing off goofy acrobatics that felt out of place in Tolkien’s work (and Hobbit trilogy).

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