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after being locked in her room Aricent And when Otto plotted to usurp the throne, Reynis Bellarion showed everyone exactly whose side she was at the last minute. House of the Dragon Episode 9. In the middle Aegons After the coronation, Reinis leapt out from under the Dragon Pit onto her dragon, Merryse.

She turned to Aegon and the rest of her family, and it seemed like this might be the end of these Targaryens and Hightower. Let the roar of Marys go in their faces. But why didn’t she kill Aegon, Aricent, and the others who were technically traitors to her successor Viserys chose? Lenilla?

eve best
Eve Best as Raenys Velaryon. (HBO)

“In the end, she makes a bigger choice. We see what is happening in Ukraine at the moment. That’s it.” eve best Said Vulture.

she continued. At that moment she had all the power. Yet she respects Aricent as a woman and as her mother. They understand that they are under the control of other people who may torch them. They know that not going there is the only right choice. Plus, on her part, it’s a smart choice not to set fire to the whole innocent people in the room. After all, it’s not her fight. “

After entering with dignity, Rhaenys and Meleys rushed out of Dragonpit and headed straight for Dragonstone to announce this coup against Rhaenyra. Neither Aricent nor Otto had the good sense to tell Raenira about it. her father was deadThey went straight into Usurper mode to put Aegon on the Iron Throne.

Tom Glynn Carney
Tom Glynn-Carney as Aegon Targaryen. (HBO)

House of the Dragon show runner Ryan Condal said in inside the episode video“She knows that if she lights that pedestal, she will end the possibility of war and perhaps bring peace to the whole realm, but she probably doesn’t want to put the responsibility of doing it on another mother.” It’s a complicated choice that people may disagree with or have issues with, but that’s the choice Reinis makes in the moment.”

Producer Miguel Sapochnik Said this was an “incredibly precious moment” for Reinis to stand up. “But her moral stance gives her more reasons not to act than to act,” he said. House of the Dragon The finale airs on HBO on October 23rd.

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