The premiere of “The Hoffman Family Gold” will take place on March 25 at Discovery

The Hoffman Family Gold will premiere on March 25 at Discovery – Hollywood Flash

When gold flows in your veins, you can’t stay away forever. Todd Hoffman began Discovery’s fascination with gold mining. Four years after he left his tumultuous mining career to focus on his family, Todd got too good a chance not to let him go, and he returns to Alaska to make a last chance ransom. With his father Jack and his son Hunter in tow, will the Hoffmans be able to save the struggling mine for the final paycheck? Or have they bitten off more than they can get? The premiere of HOFFMAN FAMILY GOLD will take place on Friday, March 25, at 22:00 on ET / PT at Discovery after the Gold Rush finale, and it will be available for broadcast the same day on Discovery +. Starting Friday, April 1, the new series will air at 8pm ET / PT on Discovery.

Love it or hate it, fans of the show “Gold Rush” with a rating of Discovery № 1 watched Todd Hoffman from the beginning, when the original dreamer took up mining and launched a franchise. Todd dug up mine after mine to get a chance to get rich with its gold. Hanging his gold pan more than four years ago, Todd is directing his future career in mining to deploy a ruined mine away from the grid 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska. With the unforgiving weather in Alaska, rookie crews and downed equipment, the mine continues to work hard. Trying to save this mine is a big game for Todd, but if he succeeds he will get the mining rights for the next decade and can create a family heirloom. But Todd arrives at the site just seven weeks before winter. Will Todd, Jack and Hunter Hoffman and their team be able to find enough gold to get this mine in the black? Or will this be the last chapter for the Hoffmans?

The HOFFMAN FAMILY GOLD Todd takes this huge risk and perhaps a great reward with the team he trusts the most. Todd Jack’s father and his son Hunter will embark on a long trek to Alaska along with veterans of the gold miners, including Jim Terber, foreman Andy Spinks and bush mechanic Randy Hobbler. How will the current crew react when Todd and his team arrive? Will Randy be able to fix all the faulty equipment? But most importantly, will they all be able to find gold together?

The premiere of “The Hoffman Family Gold” will take place on March 25 at Discovery

Source link The premiere of “The Hoffman Family Gold” will take place on March 25 at Discovery

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