The Outlander prequel series is reportedly under development

Droughtlander is almost over – Season 6 of the hit historical fantasy show is finally set to appear next month after more than two years of waiting.

And there seems to be even more good news A foreigner fans, with reports that the series prequel is currently in the works at Starz.

According to Varietycurrent showrunner Matthew B. Roberts is involved in the writing and executive producer of the new series, for which no specific details of the plot are currently revealed. asked representatives for comment.

It seems possible that the series may be based on the still unfinished prequel book of Diana Gebaldon, which reportedly will focus on Jamie Fraser’s parents Ellen Mackenzie and Brian Fraser, and the author recently teased her on Facebook.

Writing earlier in February, Gebaldon revealed that she had “just started working on it” but published a short excerpt that she said could be “perhaps the first line of the book”.

It read: “Ellen Mackenzie, the eldest of Jacob Ruada Mackenzie’s children, the leader of the Mackenzie clan – well, dead, though for a few minutes, but she’ll think about it later – grabbed Elid Watt from behind and pulled her out of sight, clapping her hand over her saliva to drown out her cries ”.

Meanwhile, Gabaldon previously published a prequel novel called Virgins, which tells the story of the young Jamie Fraser and Jan Murray in France in the 1740s – this could also be the inspiration for a new series, although at this stage there is no evidence.

Outlander, who tells the story of a World War II nurse mysteriously sent to 18th-century Scotland, began airing in 2014 and for five seasons has made up a regiment of devoted fans.

Sam Hueen and Caitriona Balf star, the show was originally designed by Ronald D. Moore based on the eponymous series of novels by Gebaldan.

The upcoming sixth season will consist of eight series, while the 16-episode seventh season has also already been confirmed.

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The Outlander prequel series is reportedly under development

Source link The Outlander prequel series is reportedly under development

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