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Have you ever wondered why the women who accused Bollywood of harassment and sex offenders two years ago suddenly went quiet? Because such women are considered troublemakers in Bollywood.

Baikyama Room (Do you know?). “She might turn around tomorrow and blame me. I always have an assistant with me,” the leading filmmaker confided to me.

This comes from one of our cinema’s closer ethos. The Hindi film industry (and thus the Indian film industry as a whole) is on high alert and is reluctant to start a dialogue with people eager to meet producers and directors about possible jobs for actors. An actor outside the film industry who has nothing to do with the industry is crumpling bricks and slitting his wrists.

A filmmaker brother with no filmmaking experience is making a movie. Because it’s “safe” for filmmakers to fire an actress and sign her wife or girlfriend.

Ironically, women in the film industry don’t feel safe.this is the reason Sherlyn Chopra I have to applaud. After facing the indifference of law enforcement, seeing her standing there with her hard-earned FIR in hand (they seem curiously in awe of Khan ), it must have felt like Ms. Chopra won the battle.

And yes. Our state institutions are run by two types of officials. People who don’t listen and people who listen too much. Her wife, who runs into the police station after a midnight bedroom brawl to accuse her husband of domestic violence, is fervently entertained by an overzealous section of law enforcement.

Women who accuse celebrity names of inappropriate behavior are usually deaf. Cops try to persuade the victim. “Arei Baba, why do you want to take him? he is very powerful Jo ha gaya so ho gaya (what happened is over)”

without pressure. I have no idea why Ms. Chopra decided to bring her tormentor into the book. She may have had her blood boil when she saw it. Sajid Khan in the big boss House openly mocked the humiliation and depravity of every woman questioned about the size of her breasts, or, conversely, the size of her harasser’s penis.

Imagine how Hollywood actresses would feel. Harvey Weinstein I was suddenly on stage with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Do those who support Khan know what level of degradation such perverse encounters plunge women into? Thanks to the grit and courage of one woman. Sharin Chopra knows she is branded as a troublemaker among Bollywood producers and directors. there is.

They have already gone through much bigger tests and are doing great.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has written about Bollywood for a long time and knows the industry well. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/the-net-closes-in-on-sajid-khan-and-weve-only-sherlyn-chopra-to-thank-for-it-11541161.html The net is closing in on Sajid Khan, and only Sharin Chopra can thank – Entertainment News, Firstpost

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