The latest segment of Jennifer Garner’s pretend cooking show

We are patiently awaiting the October release of @inagarten’s latest cookbook! Quick and easy meals! Hearing an old favorite again after a long time, Garner writes in the video’s description.

The celebrity jokes and dances in her trademark fashion from a pretend cooking show. During her making her meatballs, Garner teases herself by pointing out the size discrepancy.

She chose white high-waisted jeans and a striped T-shirt. She says she should always wear white pants when making tomato-based dishes such as meatballs and sauces.

As Garner begins preparing tomato sauce, the film takes an unexpected turn when he notices a spider in the cupboard. She then begins her desperate efforts to remove the spider from the kitchen without harming it. After a series of near misses, she successfully released the spider into the grass outside and returned to her cooking.

She makes her own fresh pasta, but this home-cooked recipe, which has been published, doesn’t mention how to make it. Garner will demonstrate to the audience how to prepare the pasta dough, let it cool for 30 minutes, and how to make spaghetti using her KitchenAid mixer and various noodle attachments.

While preparing another of Garten’s recipes, that of beef bourguignon, Garten admitted that he “almost set the kitchen on fire.” Luckily, the meatball recipe didn’t lead to a similar mishap. But while Garner’s cooking isn’t all wildly successful, she never loses her bright demeanor.

https://celebrityinsider.org/the-newest-segment-of-jennifer-garners-pretend-cooking-show-533413/ The latest segment of Jennifer Garner’s pretend cooking show

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