The “Last Kingdom” star teases “a lot of death” in season 5

The Last Kingdom The stars warn that the upcoming fifth and final season of the show contains “a lot of death”, so fans should tune in to the possibility that certain characters will not come out as a whole.

A historical drama that began on BBC Two before moving on Netflix The third season tells the story of how several separate kingdoms merged into what we now know as England in the 10th century.

In the series, based on the novels of Bernard Cornwell, the main role of Alexander Draiman as the warrior Utred of Bebanburg, who has repeatedly been involved in Saxon conflicts because he considers the hand of fate.

The series has never had a problem with killing characters (see more about this in our list best deaths Last Kingdom), but this time the stakes are higher than ever as the story draws to a close.

James Northcott, who plays Oldhelm, said: “Season 5 will be a lot of death. And it’s really exciting because with death comes drama.

“I think the fans of the show will be shocked, this year there are definitely some surprises and it’s a season that will pull you by the soul. So hold on to the handkerchiefs.”

The story of “The Last Kingdom” will end with a sequel to the feature film Seven kings must diebut Netflix has yet to announce any cast other than Draymon, as they are reluctant to release those who will survive the events of Season 5.

Leading partner Emily Cox, better known as the fierce Dane Breed, added: “Season 5 will be really big. There are a lot of surprises. When I first read the scripts, I thought, ‘I haven’t seen this happen at all.’

“And there are big dramatic surprises. Viewers can expect a lot of adventure, again a lot of violence and a lot of love.”

The fifth season of “The Last Kingdom” kicks off on Netflix on Wednesday, March 9, 2022. See more of ours Drama reach or visit our Teleguide see what tonight.

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The “Last Kingdom” star teases “a lot of death” in season 5

Source link The “Last Kingdom” star teases “a lot of death” in season 5

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