The case of Jucy Smolet is being updated

New things seem to be happening there Juicy Smolet right. Check out the latest reports below.

TSR notes: “Wu, Chile, it looks like #JussieSmollett wants either a new trial in court, or an innocent verdict for allegedly lying to police.”

TSR said: “If you remember, the jury found Juice guilty of five counts of criminal hooliganism back in December. According to @TMZ_tv, Juice’s defense team has just submitted new documents with a request to overturn the sentence.

“In the documents, Jussie claims that the court violated his constitutional rights by not allowing his defense team to actively participate in the jury selection process. His defense further claims that the prosecutor’s office showed racism in the selection of jurors (SWIPE) ‘, notes TSR.

Someone said, “Is it still going on? He is guilty. Goodbye, let’s move on, “and another follower posted this:” hile atp let it go. I forgot about it and we have bigger fish to fry.

The follower said: “I still want to know how he even came up with it, such as what happened to make him want to do it.”

Someone else said, “OVA- admit lies, deception and just been caught and carry their charges – Career READY.”

Another subscriber posted this: “I drew figurines on paper and thought he would get away with it.”

Back in December, Juicy Smolet touched on a controversial topic on drugs. Check out the latest reports from The Shade Room.

“Jussie took a stand in his own defense this afternoon, #Roomies, and he began to recount in detail the alleged events that took place the first night he met #BolaOsundairo. If you remember, Bola is one of Asundayr’s two brothers accused of robbing Juice of an alleged hate crime. Jussie took the position to say that they took drugs together and were somewhat intimate, ”TSR said.

The case of Jucy Smolet is being updated

Source link The case of Jucy Smolet is being updated

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