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Whether you hate or love the wonderful life of a Bollywood wife, you cannot ignore it. But what does that tell us about the miserable lives of Indian housewives?

In an age where we worship opinions we don’t own, the weekly ‘Moderate Mahira Mandate’ presents a pure, non-partisan view of what is happening to women in India today.

No, paid housewife Never kill patriarchy. After a tough day lately with writing and parenting, I’ve been generously taking time for self-care. Much better than eating it I would say.So I sat down Monday morning (thank goodness for the freelance life) and devoured of The wonderful life of Bollywood wivesMy house help looked at it with me for a while and then said, ‘Are these housewives? Are you paying for them? Otherwise, why do they look so attractive?”

Do you get paid for housework? Gasping! Unimaginable, right? Especially, it’s much easier to guilt women into doing it for free, don’t you think? Women do not do housework out of love. And they should be paid for it, yes. But not in the way you would expect.

First, let’s look at some facts. According to data from the Center for Economic Monitoring of India (CMIE) and the Center for Women’s Development Studies (CWDS), less than a quarter of Indian women are in the workforce, making her one of the poorest in the world. On average she is 16% less than men, compared to her 16% gap on the global average. Although women make up 49% of India’s population, she contributes only 18% to economic output, about half the global average.

Women also pay the highest price during major economic shocks. Oxfam India estimates the economic loss from women losing their jobs during the pandemic at around $216 billion, which is her 8% drop from the country’s gross domestic product. In the aftermath of demonetization, 2.4 million women have disappeared from the job map and 900,000 men have found jobs. This is already hurting women’s economic prospects.

Such a drastic decline in female labor force participation is unprecedented in the world. Despite her 51% of female graduates, a McKinsey report found that women make up her 29% of the entry-level workforce, but typically women are more likely to be unemployed due to domestic responsibilities such as marriage and children. I quit my job and lowered my level. She raises the participation rate for middle to senior management to 9%. So it’s no surprise that women’s participation at CEO level is less than 1% of hers.of the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Index 2020 India ranks 112th out of 153 countries in providing equal opportunities for women and men.

Amazing numbers, right? how do you change this? Can you help me by paying the housewife? With the ever-expanding gig economy, of course, we need to assign value to every job. It is recognition of effort, appreciation. People argue that being a mother and housewife has more perks than the price. What are the perks that aren’t justified and empowering women? There’s nothing like being a housewife. It is toil and slavery. They claim she could also be fired if paid. They claim it makes the relationship transactional. But when women are presumed to enjoy handling the entire house alone and have no other choice, isn’t that already the case?

The question is who will pay? There are many stakeholders. In 2012, the Ministry of Women and Child Development was considering a proposal to make it compulsory for men to share a certain percentage of their income with their wives if they stay home and do household chores. This does not add to the national economy. It also makes it an individual issue rather than a collective responsibility. Make the pie bigger.

In many countries, such as the Philippines, the government is set up to pay housewives a monthly wage because it is considered a full-time job.In the UK, there are even career benefits given in the form of tax credits. . Taxpayer money can be used despite the danger of political and populist abuse. why? Because women contribute to GDP without even being measured! They too deserve the dignity of labor.

Our male and female roles are sequential. These will continue to evolve and so will the participation of caregivers and breadwinners. Would men like it if they were stereotyped and left without dignity and helplessness?

It is an emotional issue for women to receive dues, to be recognized and recognized. All work must be assigned a value so that there is no dehumanization. But would receiving a paycheck for a woman’s housework have the effect we want? Would receiving a monthly salary from her husband or the state make a difference? Housewives deserve the dignity of their work, but do they really need a paycheck to feel valued?

Paying housewives is difficult, if not impossible, to do, but yes, I know, but what can you do in the meantime? First, everyone should participate in household chores. While it is acknowledged that household chores are not evenly divided between men and women anywhere in the world, this gender gap in unpaid work is particularly wide in India, according to her 2018 ILO study. An OECD study found that men spend 4-5 hours more each day sleeping, watching TV and relaxing than women. They contribute only 13 minutes a day to household chores. 60% of women are housewives. 90% of household chores in India are done by women. Indian Husbands, as we have created, are a rare species in the world. Tauriya Rao male type.

Remember that tireless, unrewarded, unpaid labor is also a kind of atrocity. Women carry double, triple or even triple the burden on the premise that housework is a labor of love.this thing Jadu Katka and wipe Haldiladen Thali It’s a matter of choice and not required. is that fair? Please change your mindset. Men should contribute to household chores. And no, you can’t take the guilt out of buying women’s electronics to make your job easier! Or like the man in the ad who has household items but doesn’t actually use them! it’s not a favor. It’s not about “helping”. it is a given. it’s your home it’s your family. you’re doing it for them For you! And it woke up and even normalized in the younger one. be cool. And with more women working, India’s gross domestic product and corporate productivity will increase. Do it for your country! Get up off that couch and step into the kitchen. It’s one small step for mankind, one giant leap for mankind.

Second, many women will feel that their hard work and efforts are recognized and recognized, rewarded rather than insulted or taken for granted. and run the country. They never rest for a day. Give your mother, sister, wife, or stay-at-home mom small gifts like flowers, notes, spa days, holidays, or small cards. Say a simple “thank you”. Reward those who are the backbone of your home, our society and our country. We have not yet reached gender equality, but without it we will never there is no.

Meghna Pant is a multi-award winning, best-selling author, screenwriter, columnist and public speaker whose latest novel BOYS DON’T CRY (Penguin Random House) is coming to our screens soon.

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