Thais Ramon confronted John over plans for Patrick Mendes ’young party

In last weekend’s issue 90-day groomPatrick Mendes and Thais Ramon went to Vegas.

The goal was to see where he spent part of his childhood, and more importantly, to meet his brother Matthew.

The Thais tried to turn the trip around to Vegas for a spontaneous wedding in Vegas, to Patrick’s anxiety. He refused her.

Now John has “ideas” about his brother’s boyfriend … and Thais has them enraged.

In this clip viewing 90-day groom Season 9, Episode 12, Patrick Mendes and John talk.

Thais is not far away, appears on camera, but out of sight of the brothers.

Why? She is worried about the topic of conversation.

Thais are not wrong when worried.

Of course, the brothers will chat with each other. They are brothers, and live together.

But Thais is concerned that John has an agenda and she is right.

Thais noticed that John likes to insult her.

Apparently it happens even more when he thinks she’s not listening.

John also does this with her face and seems determined to sabotage her relationship with Patrick.

Meanwhile, the conversation between John and Patrick concerns immediate plans.

John suggests that many sex workers should attend Patrick’s young party.

In fact, he says “100 prostitutes,” which is both hyperbole and includes a derogatory term for sex workers.

Patrick is adamantly against it.

Despite the soulless bleachcore atmosphere of his homePatrick is a standup man.

He is also a little anxiously wounded. The idea of ​​what kind of party John wants to have makes him noticeably uncomfortable.

Patrick tries to put it in words that even John can understand: Thailand is already so hot.

John, however, compares women to the taste of ice cream, believing that diversity is the condiment of life.

It’s good for both open relationships and for polyamory, but John suggests neither: it’s a hoax.

Thais enters the room and does not try to hide what overheard part of the conversation.

She confronts John, telling him she heard what he said.

John meets his, um, brand maturity.

John challenges Thais, assuming she has heard nothing.

In a contradictory statement, he claims to have “forgotten” what he was talking about.

This is not very convincing.

Thais has been facing John’s heavy face for weeks.

That’s enough for her.

Her irritation is evident all over her face when John is amused by denying what he has just said.

It’s not just John trying to encourage Patrick to cheat on his fiancée.

John seems to be mocking Thais on the grounds that English is her second language.

He brags to Patrick that Thais “doesn’t know what we’re talking about.”

Thais then asks Patrick, who answers honestly.

He tells her, in vague terms, that his brother proposed to the boy.

Although Patrick did not go into detail about John’s fantasies about the sex worker, his response was still honest.

Then John starts to move on.

“You’re throwing me under fire!” he exclaims, as perhaps Fr. the bus not dramatic enough.

To make it clear, John happily said these things in the kitchen at home, on camera.

Thais notes that of course Patrick was honest with her.

“This is my future husband,” she says.

To lie to her would be foolish. Patrick is not a fool.

In fact, although Patrick and Thais have their problems, they both deeply care about each other.

The Thais had to be more honest in not telling their father, while Patrick had to respect her boundaries in the area.

Similarly, Patrick has to communicate his feelings and compromise on home decor, while Thais need to be patient.

However, when it comes to the young evening, the Thais have seen what it is.

(We wonder where she gets her impressions from things like Las Vegas and American boys – maybe movies?)

She jokes that if Patrick throws one of them, she will “kill” him and return to Brazil.

Fortunately, Patrick, like her, is disconnected by the idea.

UnfortunatelyJohn seems to revel in the prank and is clearly outraged that Thais is taking his brother’s attention and home.

There’s always the chance that John might “surprise” Patrick with an unwanted party. My dear.

Thais Ramon confronted John over plans for Patrick Mendes ’young party

Source link Thais Ramon confronted John over plans for Patrick Mendes ’young party

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