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Severance Review: Gorgeously shot, with shots you’ll hardly forget in a hurry, the Severance blends the mood beautifully; in some parts it is terribly awful, in others it is strangely magical.

You will immediately notice that the world of Severance is amazing. I’m not even saying that in this world you can go through a procedure when working memories are surgically separated from personal ones – this is the idea of ​​the show, and we’ll get to it. No, I’m talking about how it seems that the world of the show is stuck in an awkward place between the past and the future.

You will see this outside the “workplace” in the esoteric social practices that people follow. Like lunch “without dinner”. It seems that food is just something that interferes with conversation. So friends meet at home for dinner, but the actual food is not served. Hunger is probably just a state of mind. Or try one of their new age education ideas. Changing a child’s bed while they are growing up can be a traumatic experience. So, populate their room with three beds suitable for different ages, just above when the child is small, and allow the toddler to switch to the appropriate bed when and when he is ready. I don’t know if such things have already hit the hipster quarters of the world, ready to spread (looking at you, french fries). But if that hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t seem like imagining we’ll get there soon. (Part of me hopes that watching the commentary that happens to be in Severance will make people realize that we are all on a dark path.)

The workplace we see in the film is even more amazing. Lumon, the corporation that conducts the exit procedure of its employees, it seems that it should be at the forefront of technology, but their office is mostly retro. Employees use CRT monitors with VGA graphics, performing mysterious tasks that even they do not fully understand. I don’t even know if the correct nomenclature I used is how long it has become obsolete. The office itself is a minimalist, endless array of transitions leading to different departments that can rarely interact. Employees are encouraged to work for prizes, such as an individual, personalized “waffle party” after work for being the best performers in their department for each quarter. Solo party, mind you. Just a winner and waffles.

Created by Dan Erickson, with episodes shot by Ben Steeler or Aoif McArdle, “Severance” is a fresh, disarming, slow thriller. Visually, the show looks like a child in love in the films of Wes Anderson and George Lantimas. This atmosphere also reminded me of the Maniac Carey show by Joji Fukunaga Emma Stone-John Hill. Not every show lends itself to the format of weekly episodes in this era of binge drinking, but you understand why the Apple TV + show, especially this one, is better at distributing its release. The show often gets too intense to drink, in a good way.

Severance hits the ground. Mark S (Adam Scott) works at Lumon as a macro developer. He is suddenly made head of his department by four people when his working girlfriend Pete resigns. He is replaced by a new employee of Haley R (Brit Lower). Through it we can see what a rift really means.

Basically, once you perform the procedure, your “chronology of perception” changes. So you completely forget about what happened at work as soon as you leave the office in the elevator. This essentially means that there are two versions of you – the “outcast”, the usual you who live outside of life but have absolutely no idea what you are actually doing in the workplace. And for the ‘innie’ life – it’s just 9-5 changes that start and end in the elevator. Seriously, writers need to stop giving corporations ideas.

Although the exit procedure is a controversial, polarizing topic in the outside world, the company presents it as an ideal tool to ensure a “work-life balance”. It doesn’t matter that a person is largely dehumanized because while they are grown adults, they have no idea about the world outside of their office. They would not know, for example, if their “stranger” decided to tear their memories, because the world around them is an anti-utopian hellish landscape, or even in their family. As Haley wonders when she first wakes up after a breakup – is she raised in a lab? Is she an animal?

If you needed to look for symbolism and make connections for what all the amazing events in the show really say, you would find a lot of it. But you can get around it all and just waste your time without hesitation, wondering what happens in Lumon when Mark and his team start demystifying their lifelessness. At the same time, the sailor is also beginning to realize that something bad is happening in Lumon.

Mark’s department of four people – pure gold – and the characters and the actors who play them. New recruit Haley already has something in her – she is a rebel from the moment she wakes up, knowing nothing about herself. The other two, Dylan (Zach Cherry) and Irving (John Turtur), happily accept on board their soulless existence of monotony.

In appearance, the mechanism of the show indicates that the natives and others simply can not communicate with each other, unless the company makes a rare exception. However, the two Marks are also clearly on a choking collision course. Even if it unfolds in episodes, the mysteries in Lumon only deepen. This show is all questions that have almost no answers.

Elegantly shot, with shots you are unlikely to forget in a hurry, Severance beautifully stirs the mood; in some parts it is terribly awful, in others it is strangely magical. Even in this relatively strict but intriguing line of Apple TV shows, it stands out as a winner. Can’t wait for 2 seasons.

Severance is broadcast on Apple TV +

Prodip Menon is a writer and independent filmmaker from Mumbai.

Terrifying and enchanting alike, this show is similar to exciting high art, entertainment news, Firstpost

Source link Terrifying and enchanting alike, this show is similar to exciting high art, entertainment news, Firstpost

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