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Fans will say it’s hard to make Bon Iver A better concert than that.However Taylor Swift Proving them wrong when she took the stage for a surprise performance of “Exile!” in London on Wednesday 26th October.A video began circulating via TikTok on Wednesday night, showing fans going wild as Taylor. come quietly on stagein the middle of the performance, while Bon Iver is singing beloved songIn the clip, Taylor appeared in a black jumpsuit with strappy stiletto heels, standing on a platform, joining Bon Iver, and waving modestly. The audience almost erupted in hysterics, with one fan yelling “What the f***!” But when Taylor started singing, the crowd fell into a reverent silence.of TikTok user The person who uploaded the video provided the background for the clip in the form of on-screen captions.


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“My sister was at Bon Iver in London, Taylor Swift The video quickly gained momentum, garnering nearly half a million views in just a few hours. Taylor’s fans took to the comments section to let out euphoric impromptu moments.

“For the first time live, I will banish you,” a fan commented with a teary-eyed emoji. “This is literally one of my favorite songs of hers.” Others commented on the “chills” the clip evoked. She clipped a follower saying, “I’m just going to die,” while another said, “She casually walked away.”

Bon Iver
Bon Iver (Dario Cantatore/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

Taylor’s jaw-dropping surprise performance comes right after her highly anticipated midnight album drop Note that ‘Exile’ is from her 2020 studio album folklore, The track featured the famous Bon Iver. As it happens, Taylor may have even better news.while sitting together Jimmy Fallon upon The Tonight Show On October 24th, the “Blank Space” singer hinted at her next tour.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

“I think we should,” she said. rolling stoneWhen the time comes, let’s do it. i miss itShe also remarked on the love she feels following her runaway success midnight — billboard She reported moving over a million albums in a single day. “I stand by myself,” she said. “I’m overwhelmed by the love the fans have for the record. I’m her 32, so she’s seen as an aging pop star, so I’m happy just to be here.”

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