Taylor Swift came under fire for sequence in anti-hero music video where she stood on fat scales

Following criticism from several medical professionals and activists, Taylor Swift has removed a fat scene from the music video for her song “Anti-Hero.” The clip showed Swift standing on her scales calling her overweight rather than displaying her actual weight.

The woman, who was 32 at the time, sang the phrase “I look straight into the sun, but I never look into a mirror” while looking down on a scale. I saw him shaking his head looking at the second version.

Swift, who wrote the song and shot the music video, posted on Twitter last Friday that the visual for the track “Midnights,” from her new album Midnights, depicts her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. .

Swift, who has previously battled an eating disorder, removed the moment from the version of the video available on Apple Music after backlash from critics and medical professionals who deemed it harmful. Did.

The way Taylor Swift explains her difficulties with her body image in her song video, looking down on the scale she says she’s “fat,” puts it in a pretty snazzy way. There is

But obese people don’t have to, and don’t want to hear, to say again that looking like themselves is everyone’s worst nightmare. Social worker Shira Rosenbluth expressed her thoughts on this topic.

Rosenbluth went on to say that having an eating disorder is not accepted as a justification for fatphobia. But rather than say that I’m an obese, disgusting pig, it goes without saying that I have trouble with my body image.

Another social media user reasoned:

https://celebrityinsider.org/taylor-swift-took-some-criticism-for-a-sequence-in-the-music-video-for-anti-hero-in-which-she-stood-on-a-scale-that-read-fat-535787/ Taylor Swift came under fire for sequence in anti-hero music video where she stood on fat scales

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