Taylor Hale accuses ex-Miss USA vice president of sexual harassment

of Miss USA The organization was hit by another scandal. This time it involves allegations of sexual harassment.

became a beauty queen Brother season 24 champion Taylor Haleclaims to be a former vice president of the Miss USA Organization Max Sebrecht made unwanted advances towards her the morning after she entered the competition 2021 Miss USA Pageant.

“He DMs me on Instagram and says you did a good job and is so proud of you,” Hale recalled Nov. 2021 on the Oct. 28 episode. reality steve podcast. “He invites me to the presidential suite. I decline.”

The former Miss Michigan USA said she later stumbled upon her in a “big, heavy” stage costume in a hotel lobby. Sebrecht, 42, offered to help carry her clothes to her room, according to Hale, but she knew there were boundaries set by the organization, so she didn’t want to. accepted it.

“There was protocol that if you were being escorted to your room, the person who was escorting you would stop at the elevator bank and watch you go down the hallway to your room,” she explained. “He didn’t stop at the elevator bank and kept going into the room.”

She continued, “He put the costume in a room in the hallway and then he came all the way in and sat down and had a conversation with me.

https://www.eonline.com/news/1352526/lessigreaterbig-brotherlessigreater’s-taylor-hale-accuses-former-miss-usa-vice-president-of-sexual-harassment?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories Taylor Hale accuses ex-Miss USA vice president of sexual harassment

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