Tamar Braxton reveals that she prefers Beccation

Tamar Braxton just turned to what she likes best in the backpack. Check out the message she shared on her social media account below.

Someone said, “Made one and made. Never again. I’d better go alone and hang out with those who are there, and then go back to my business and I won’t see or hear them again. “

The commentator posted the following: “I like girls’ trips, but not like boycotts. And the girl’s trip should not be longer than 5 days. I’m starting to miss my man. But traveling for girls is a fun and great way to connect or find out which girls you need to cut pounds. ”

Someone left this message: “THANK YOU! I’ve said this for centuries. I don’t like” girly “trips. For example, why in the world should we do EVERYTHING together? No! Give me peace, clear blue skies and seas, I’m good. . pun ».

The fan said: “The facts, like some people, house guys, will set them up for some of you who may be house girls, may be at the same time, nothing wrong with the right kind of baking queen.”

Recently, Tamar hit the headlines when it turned out that she shared a video in her account on the social network Emdia, from which fans and subscribers are drooling. Check out the message she shared in her IG below.

“Some of you will say it’s a trap of thirst! And you are right! But the attention I am looking for is for MYSELF! This is me in all my GLORY MYSELF !! I will not hide my scars, I will not be ashamed of my past, shortcomings or body !! I will love EVERYTHING the way I am! Get ready for all the messages of self-love for 16 days until #sttamarsday I’m on my way to 45 in. ‘

Tamar Braxton reveals that she prefers Beccation

Source link Tamar Braxton reveals that she prefers Beccation

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