‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ is a failed experiment and should not be repeated

We’re just a week away from the return of The Walking Dead’s final season. However, it’s hard to shed too many tears when the show ends. more The Walking Dead shows the show better than it did when it was still airing, including three spin-offs featuring nearly every main character from the series.

There’s a Rick and Michonne spinoff, a Daryl European spinoff, and the only named Dead City, a Negan and Maggie spinoff. But he also has two shows. It’s Fear the Walking Dead, where AMC refuses to die. Tales of the Walking Deadthat anthology.

For me, this is too many Walking Dead shows and I haven’t seen a new one, so my advice is to kill one of the others. Obviously there is a need, but I’m talking about Tales.

Tales of the Walking Dead was meant to be an “experimental test kitchen” for The Walking Dead concept, sometimes making references to known existing characters, but only once in alpha in Season 1. only done and mainly focused on new characters. But the thing is… it’s so bad and it doesn’t work, and I would argue that it does more harm than it helps expand the whole Walking Dead universe that AMC is trying to build.

The main problem is that the Tales series not only introduces new characters dealing with the zombie apocalypse in new locations, but basically: kind of universe This is a wild change in tone.

The show ultimately did more harm than good, creating a quirky comedy in the first two episodes. , and so it doesn’t make much sense from a lore point of view. And the show ended with a truly bizarre offering, La Donna. Is this literally… a ghost story and The Walking Dead suddenly has… magic and ghosts? Again, I understand they were trying to be “experimental” here, but these were the wrong kind of experiments to run.

Audience numbers were pretty abysmal, with the finale rated the worst of the series at 0.378, meaning people dropped out by the end because they didn’t like how things were going. The individual ratings of each episode by viewers are also low, with the best being Alpha his 7.5/10 for his episodes, but the other episodes mostly his 5-6.5/10, the final season of Walking His Dead itself is much lower than For some reason, the series has a 74% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but a more accurate 48% from fans.

See, I No Generally speaking, I hate The Walking Dead. I’m actually looking forward to all three of his spinoffs in the main his series. I agree that AMC has the ability to extend the universe into interesting places.i just think i have Five It’s not a good idea to air The Walking Dead series once a year. I don’t think this experiment, sanctioned in the form of Tales of the Walking Dead, worked. They weren’t testing the right kind of concept. I simply don’t want to see any more, lest it mess up the timeline any more, or end up with an even more goofy storyline that’s completely disconnected from the feel of the main world it’s set up for. They tried, but it didn’t work. Please stop.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/09/26/tales-of-the-walking-dead-is-a-failed-experiment-and-shouldnt-be-repeated/ ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ is a failed experiment and should not be repeated

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