Taboo was “depressed” to play Chandni Baa with Madhur Bhandarkar after finding out that he made Trishakti.this is what changed her mind

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has given Hindi cinema one of the greatest gems. chandni barwas published 21 years ago on September 28, 2001. Mumbaiand the gritty life of Mumbai’s underworld, including prostitution, dance bars and gun crime. The film was headlined by the ‘first and last’ taboo chosen by the filmmakers for the story’s protagonist, Mumtaz. For Bhandarkar, however, breaking through taboos was no easy task. It took her 45 days to meet her and get the chance to narrate her film.

Chandni Bar producer R Mohan arranged a meeting with Bhadarkar and Tabu without telling her about the debacle of his first film Trishakti. He told Bhandarkar that if he told her about her previous films, she would not see him.In her earlier interview with Komal Nahata, Bhandarkar said: increase. He said, ‘Nahi yaar agar main bataunga usko toh vo milegi nahi terko (If I tell her she won’t see you). I told her that you are Ram Gopal Varma’s assistant.

R. Mohan asked Bandakar to narrate Chandni Baa and tried not to think of anything else. But Bhandarkar had to tell her that he was the one who made her Trishakti when she asked about his work. After finding out he was the man behind Trishakti, she became “depressed” and asked her Mohan what other films he was making. However, just when Banderkar thought he had lost the chance to cast Taboo in his own film, R Mohan stepped in and demanded that Taboo at least hear the narration. Taboo obliged.

Taboo at Chandni Bar. (Express archive photo)

While listening to the narration, Tab paused and said, “Madur, I’m doing this movie. Great script, you can imagine yourself in this movie.” Carr made the film and won four national awards and several other film awards. When she won her Best Actress award for this film, Taboo said: music. “

Bhandarkar was building a Chandni Bar for just 1.5 million rupees.he once jokingly said Kareena Kapoor Khan, who made the movie Heroine, said, “I made Chandnivar on a smaller budget than you spent on your clothes in Heroine.”

Last year, to mark the film’s 20th anniversary, Madhur Bhandarkar had expressed his desire to create Chandni Ba 2.0. He told the Bombay Times, “If I had made Chandni Baa today, I could have made a three-season webseries with the material I still have.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/tabu-was-demoralised-to-do-chandni-bar-madhur-bhandarkar-8177596/ Taboo was “depressed” to play Chandni Baa with Madhur Bhandarkar after finding out that he made Trishakti.this is what changed her mind

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