Sydney Bell slams Texas’ Market Street for allowing her to be abused

Courtesy of Sydney Bell

model, dancer, influencer Sydney Bell .

In December 2021, a 24-year-old woman was stopped by security after alleging employees, including security guards, were complaining about her dress and taking inappropriate images. But Belle was in her long-sleeve bodycon dress for a pretty tame photo that day.

After the incident, she shared her story on social media and garnered thousands of shares and likes. did not. As a result, Bell took her issue into her own hands and recently returned to Market Street to protest and send her clear message.

In an Instagram video, she wears lingerie and a robe and holds up a sign that reads, “My body is not wrong, society is not wrong.”

The video’s caption read, “If you believe in something, stand up and speak up. πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ.”

of watch out for big girls A cast member said, “After posting the video on social media by tagging shopatmarketstreet, they decided to comment below my post and said they would look into it. It’s been 10 months since I waited for a reply. To this day, while I see people reposting and praising petite women who aren’t my skin tone, as if they thought I’d drop it and forget about it, I haven’t heard anything at all.Social media page,” she wrote.

Bell declined to speak about what happened to her after posting the first video of the incident, even though the Shopping Strip appeared to be posting more diverse types of people on its feed.

“So, nine months later, I decided to stand up and speak up, not just for myself, but especially for all the curvy women who are always closed to exist in a larger body, especially in a community like this. I decided, “If you feel or feel that something is wrong, [sic] Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak up like something is wrong. If you don’t, society will silence you. ”

The model went on to say that her boyfriend, musician AJ Jones, kept her safe while she protested alone, including being approached by a security guard who tried to get autographs and calling the police. I am grateful to

β€œFor the world to see how angry people get when you are a confident black curvy woman standing up for what is right.

Campaigns such as NYX Cosmetics, trendWhen loungeSince sharing that video, she shared a follow-up message on Thursday 22nd September thanking those who have spoken out about the situation. We have shared numerous videos of individuals calling for therapy and revealing their experiences. she is grateful

“Wow… First off, I want to thank everyone who reached out to me and told me about this situation… from the comments, to tagging Market Street, YALL until they turned off all comments It’s probably their attempt to sweep things under the rug like they tried to do in the first place,” she wrote.

“Based on these videos, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who has or has experienced something like this, and this is exactly why I did it,” she added. β€œI will continue to fight, I will continue to speak out, and I will use my voice and power/platform to ensure this does not happen to anyone else and hold them accountable. there is no.”

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