SXSW Darling ‘Pretty Problems’ Brings Laughter to Awards Season

Lindsay (Britt Rentschler) and Jack (Michael Tennant) are a not-so-young couple whose personal and professional lives seem to have stagnated. Lindsay would like to have her own fashion line, but is stuck working in a luxury boutique with her fickle clientele. Jack tries to sell the solar panels to people who meet him with open hostility.

So when a woman Lindsay met at work offers to take her and Jack on a glamorous weekend in wine country, Lindsay is so eager to get out of the rut that she finds a new friend. Jack has reservations—he suspects the hosts will try to murder them or engage in “sexual things”—but he does not spare his wife to make her happy.

After all, their hosts don’t want to kill them or sleep with them, but it’s still an important weekend. billionaireTheir world is completely different from what Lindsay and Jack are used to (early on, Jack discovers that Matt actually bought Jack’s favorite brewery in anticipation of spending the weekend together). I am awed and terrified.) Lindsay and Jack’s differing reactions to the weekend threaten to untie the loose strings that bind their fragile marriage.

quite a problem, which hits select theaters and digitally on Friday, is a movie about marriage and money (but not about murder, despite Jack’s horror). It’s very funny. office Because it was a mix of humor and pathos.A clever fusion of the absurd and the everyday problem Stand out at SXSW
film festivalwon the Audience Award and received a standing ovation.

As awards season beginning, problem It’s an indie to watch, especially for Nolan’s standout performance as the unhappy housewife looking for diversion. Her cats, though not without self-judgment, recognize people’s vulnerabilities and exploit them for her entertainment. I am working on

Director Kestrin Pantera signed on to the project after reading the script on the plane. She laughed so hard that she made the film “something I wanted to investigate,” she says.

She found it worth exploring Lindsay’s fascination with cats and her glamorous life. “Lindsey has hit a wall and fallen into a hole. She’s trying to get out of her own life, but there are many stumbling blocks that stand in her way,” Pantera says. “She compares her inner life to the outer life of someone who seems to have more money, more resources, more success, internalizes it, It exposes the relationship to that comparison.”

Comical relief for the weekend has the Flaxes best friends. Kelly (Alex Klein) is brother in the trust his fund, whose grandfather invented Tater his tot, a story hilariously told by Matt. Kelly’s girlfriend, Carrie (Charlotte Uben), is in the same boat as Lindsay and Jack. She laments not from her privilege, but her own fear of returning to her pre-glamour life. Some of the funniest moments come from Kelly and Carrie’s complete ignorance of what’s going on around them.

Lynns (Jack’s confusion was great, as the cat called Lindsay – his wife always hated it when someone called her “Lynns”) said that despite the carrot, the cat As she slowly comes to realize what’s hanging in front of her, including the chance to launch her own clothing line, she can’t trust this mirage of good fortune.

“After a wild and crazy night, Lynns questions her ability to rely on Kat. Kat doesn’t give commitments or take responsibility the way you would in a functional relationship.” says Pantera. Lindsey is like a cat toy for cats. Fun but forgettable.

Ultimately, the film deals with some heavy topics, but it’s comedy that Pantera wants people to appreciate.

“We joke that we have a lot of important movies coming out this year, which is for you to come out and laugh,” she says. “It might deal with some big themes, but this is for fun. Fun. Take a break.”

You can watch the IFC Films trailer. quite a problem here:

https://www.forbes.com/sites/tonifitzgerald/2022/10/06/sxsw-darling-pretty-problems-brings-the-laughs-to-awards-season/ SXSW Darling ‘Pretty Problems’ Brings Laughter to Awards Season

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