Swara Bhasker: “Since my love life has gone to dogs, I have discovered how precious my girlfriends are.

swara bhaskar We’re back with yet another film about four female friends on the front lines. Delhi A girl like she was at the Veere Di Wedding.they are friendly middle class women Jahan Chayar.

In this interview indianexpress.comSwara talks about choosing a character who can accept her vulnerability, and how she values ​​her girlfriends more after “love life went to dogs.”

Swara has had many challenging roles in her life, but she believes it was demanding of her to play a middle-class housewife. “It was a challenge, so I took on the role. Of course, you have to work on your body language and vocabulary. has done, but my public persona is a bit of a warrior and a rebel, so is she. I remembered her early life as a young bride, all her stories from her early life, and I told them all.

Swara also shares how she enjoyed filming with a predominantly female cast as there was no “mansplaining”. she said: The whole vibe was that when you’re hanging out with girls, there’s a certain comfort that you’re starting to realize you just have, like they got you. There are many similarities, and even if they are not, they will just get you and no manspray. And the more I love my girlfriend, the more my love life stays in the groove. The big point of this movie is the friendship between the four girls. “

This isn’t the first time Swara has been seen in a film about female friendship.She had a Veere Di wedding together Kareena Kapoor clan chief, Sonam Kapoor, Shikha Talsania in 2018. Swara explains how Jahaan Chaar Yaar is different. She shares how one of her friends described the film.

She added, “If you judge a movie by its one-liners, there are only seven one-liners in the world. Just like a father-son story, a mother-daughter story, etc., all love stories have similarities.” every friendship story has a similar one-liner… the movie is made by the script and this is a very original script yes friendship story road trip There has been talk, but no mainstream Bollywood film casts four married middle-class housewives from small-town backgrounds as its main characters. , who are ridiculed and looked down upon with contempt. This story is at their heart, they star and discover how cool and badass they are. And the fun is actually “behenjis”. If this story takes the “Behenge” stereotype and flips it on its head, it’s like, “I love these girls, they’re so much fun!”

in 2022 Gambai Katyawadi starring Aria Butt As one of the biggest hits, other female-led films such as Dhaakad, Dobaaraa and Shabaash Mithu failed at the box office. They took part in big budget films such as Bachchhan Paanday, Samrat Prithviraj, Raksha Bandhan and Shamshera which failed to attract moviegoers to the theater. So does her box office record keep her stuck? Also, what’s the point of being scared? we can’t control it. You can’t control box office performance. It’s gambling. The only thing you can control is the quality of work you do, the technology you bring to the table, the stories you create. I think we did it.These are very well acted and I hope the audience will see themselves in them.It’s everyone’s story.

The Nil Batti Sannata actor recently said she’s fed up with her ‘Davan’ image built on Twitter because she gets into ‘unnecessarily trouble’. “Yeah! I’d say a capital yes! I’m not saying that your public image is what it is, but as an actor, do something I’ve never done before.” I’m just saying it’s funny, sometimes I unconsciously get on board with that image, so this “twitter warrior” or “fiery person” image is always true. Those who know me know that I am very dumb and can be quite a doormat. I forget. “

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/swara-bhasker-says-ever-since-my-love-life-went-to-the-dogs-ive-discovered-the-presciousness-of-my-girlfriends-8153180/ Swara Bhasker: “Since my love life has gone to dogs, I have discovered how precious my girlfriends are.

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