Swae Lee is a rock star and he uses his style to show it

There are rappers, there are rock stars, and there are talented genre-bending individuals who don’t let the music or fashion landscape define themselves. Swae Lee in the latter.

Throughout his time as one-half of musical duo Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee has effortlessly demonstrated his boundless and boundless artistry. From soulful summer bop collaborations with French Montana, Jen Aiko and Chloe Halle to turn-up tracks featured on all three of their albums (slime life, slim life 2When SR3MM), the possibilities are endless for Swae Lee throwing deuces minus a finger on the limits of what rappers should and shouldn’t do.

Swae’s multifaceted adaptability and multifaceted thinking extends far beyond the studio. His relaxed yet confident personality is displayed through his personal style, which he defines as ‘elegant’ with hints of ‘ultra-high-end’ and ‘flashy’ to bring out the rock star aesthetic. It has been. “I really don’t know what the type of shit will be,” he told ESSENCE.

While performing on stage, the “Sunflower” rapper takes pride in putting all eyes on his fit, and especially loves to accessorize like a rap star. ,accessories, [and] It’s a cool belt for your fit,” continued Sway, listing her stage must-haves. “Certainly, everything should be clean, too. Everything should be tangy and clean.”

Swae Lee is a rock star and he uses his style to show it

Since 2015’s breakout single “No Flex Zone,” Rae Sremmurd You continue to improve your career with no signs of slowing down. As the altitude increases, reflections are born. Especially when looking back at how far we’ve come in a short amount of time. When asked how his personal style has grown over the years, the 29-year-old rapper said that both accessibility and affordability have influenced his current fashion sense. I said I’m giving

“Now I have access to everything. You know what I’m saying?” Swae Lee told ESSENCE. “You can actually get the clothes you envisioned. When I was growing up, it was [was] Like going to a thrift store. If you can go to Walmart or something and get a white t-shirt and get some type of shit, you have to make it happen. Now with more doors open, you can actually get the materials you need. ”

From blurring gender lines with fashion trends to rocking patchwork denim and flashy accessories on stage, Swae Lee is hard to miss in the crowd, let alone when she takes the stage to perform. . The fashion and style industry has recognized his fearless fashion choices and snowballed him into his third collaboration with his global online fashion retailer. boohooman for their latest “Party” campaign. Featuring 57 styles, this collection is a sleek thread of “sativa” rappers and boohoo MAN’s A bold brand aesthetic.

Swae Lee remembers the beginning of his relationship with the boohooMAN brand when he recently traveled abroad to Europe. After his first encounter with the brand, Swae Lee recalled “getting on his feet” with his boohooMAN team and instantly creating an atmosphere. “We did our first collection, and it just happened, sold out, sold out, and we just kept rocking out,” the “Unforgettable” artist said in 2017. He told ESSENCE while mentioning his collaboration with Rae Sremmurd and boohooMAN.

Swae Lee is a rock star and he uses his style to show it

His personal favorites from the 2022 boohooMAN collection include what Swae Lee describes as a black suit with “super-expensive-looking gold trim,” which will be officially available on November 2, 2022. ’ It has a retro Ed Hardy vibe with an array of colors. “It’s really hard and super fitting. I like all my clothes to fit like a tailored up,” he added.

Unlike most collaborations that influencers and celebrities have pushed in the past, Swae Lee revealed that he got as involved as possible before rolling out the collection to the masses. I was going back and forth and “yay” and “not knowing” a lot of things. I was definitely pretty hands-on and gave the go-ahead to a lot of fly shit,” Swae Lee said.

“You can expect more high-end flies. [and] Something with an edge. It’s not for the underdog,” Sway continued. “You wear this shit and it’ll make you fine. I got a tailored suit with crazy embroidery. The fire silk one. We have all sorts of items, so this You can expect to be seen when you rock shit, you’re going to be seen, motherfuckers look at you and say, “What’s up?” With her 50-plus pieces coming out in November, Swae Lee doesn’t just leave the fit to suits and pants. They’re filled with velor, sequins, and iridescent fabrics, but he takes his look to the next level with chains, belts, and fancier swag that only a “Swang” rapper can pull off. I said that I would definitely pick it up.

“Personally, I think it fits a little better. [that] all the clothes are missing [are] A few little accessories to take it to the next level. When I just put the chain on, I was like, ‘Damn, the fit just got better. It’s crazy,” said Swae Lee. “Sometimes you don’t need it. Simple is more, I’m rocking all the accessories. Wallets he got chains, bracelets, all sorts of things.”

Swae Lee is a rock star and he uses his style to show it

With over 23 million monthly Spotify listeners, 14 million social followers on Instagram and TikTok alone, and not forgetting his numerous Grammy nominations. slime life A raptivist, Swae Lee is proud of his evolution in the industry, to say the least. In fact, he says he’s “very proud.”

“I didn’t say anything when I was just talking about the hair on my back,” Swae Lee told Essence with humility. Because that’s what I’ve always expected of myself: I’ve always expected you to do something bigger than be stuck in the city and work nine to five. I know what I came from, man, it’s a complete life reversal.

In the midst of his musical and fashion success, Swae Lee has learned to be what he calls a “standalone guy.” “You don’t need too much. You don’t need a lot of external motivation to be motivated,” he extolled the entrepreneurial and spontaneous spirit. I’m going to go out there and get it.

When asked what advice he would give the young Swae Lee on navigating the industry, he initially suggested getting more sleep, but he soon turned to sleepless nights in the studio, I realized I wouldn’t be who I am today without the tours. world. High life may seem daring and boastful, but what about times when it seems too much for mental health and wellness? I asked

Swae Lee is a rock star and he uses his style to show it

“If I feel like I’m doing too much, even though I don’t really think I’m doing it, I slow down and do another activity. This is my life, so I do this to keep the ball rolling.” “It’s not the kind of thing that rips me apart. In fact, I could have done more. It’s crazy, but I’ll play it as it comes.” [and] Live life as it is. ‘ Peace for Swae Lee looks cozy in his crib. It looks like he’s playing Call of Duty with his friends surrounding him. “It’s very rare, but there are days like that,” he added, referring to when he doesn’t have the chance to attend a meeting or fly.

As we wrapped up our conversation, I couldn’t walk away without asking the rapper about his plans to drop new solo music. “I’m working on some projects right now, making some singles, and I’m going to keep rolling it out,” Swae Lee assured. As far as business is concerned we’re all figuring it out for the drop but now it’s all sorted out certainly it’s time to drop the vibes it’s the top of the year like it was in january Thinking, just getting depressed, just thinking about staying crazy.”

He continues: He’s just having a rhythmic conversation. Conversation beyond rhythm. We have to stay in our roots, so it’s definitely a blast, but it also has a bit of a heady vibe. We will deliver an atmosphere that makes you want to be romantic. Basically, we gave all our neighbors a taste. ”

A carefully selected collection of boohooMAN.com from Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

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