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Dottie Cantrell Roman is no more.Roman family patriarch played by Susan Sarandonwas shockingly killed at the last moment monarch premiere. Dotty wanted to die of her own accord. That’s exactly what she did.For showrunners Melissa Hilfersshe wasn’t afraid to take out Susan’s character in the first episode.

Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon as Dottie Cantrell Roman. (fox)

“I never hesitated for a moment. Did anyone else question this decision? Yes,” said Melissa. hollywood life Exclusively. Melissa explained how the FOX president reacted to the pilot when he read the script’s epic twist.

“The president of FOX says, ‘But she’s really dead, isn’t she?’ And I said, ‘Oh, she’s dead.’i actually said game of thrones Dottie? The reason is that it’s important to show that this is the bold storytelling you can expect. monarchNot all shows do. It’s a swing, as you say, but it’s a bold show. We do a lot of daring swings,” said Melissa.

you are the creator meet Dottie Flashback again. When Dottie died, her eldest daughter Nicky was by her side. Shortly after Dottie died, when Nikki’s sister, Gigi, entered her room, she found Nicki clutching her bottle of medicine next to her dead mother. teased the impact this moment would have on her two sisters.

“It comes right after they dare to have this moment where they realize they might want to be queen. It’s a one-two punch,” Melissa revealed. “The fallout is massive and the relationship between two sisters who basically love each other and ride or die for each other is what really rocks their relationship. I’m looking for when it gets in the way of other healthy relationships.”

Dottie tried to whisper something to Nicky in the final moments, but Nicky couldn’t understand it. “I don’t think the audience will be disappointed when they find out what Dottie was going to say on her deathbed,” Melissa said. hollywood life.

Another big twist of the premiere is what happens with Albie Roman, the patriarch of the Roman family. At the beginning of the premiere, Alvy pulls the trigger of the gun.At the end of the episode, he’s burying who Three months after Dottie’s death. “We see him shooting a gun. We see him burying someone, but I wouldn’t say he necessarily kills someone,” teased Melissa. She promised that fans would “be happy with that particular mystery, but other mysteries could arise.”

Now that Dottie is gone, monarch Explore the relationship between Albie and his three children, Nicky, Luke and Gigi. “Dottie was like the glue that held the family in place and kept everyone in the roles she defined. Another thing I think is a very interesting formula that the show goes into is that there’s something there and you can’t get out of it. It’s also an opportunity to redefine yourself,” explained Melissa.

Anna Friel
Anna Friel as Nicolette “Nicky” Roman. (fox)

She continues: With Dottie not there, he gets to know them in a different way. As much as she had this power in her family, she had everything exactly the way she wanted it, no one knew what she didn’t want known. They learn a lot about each other, both good and bad, and eventually develop a relationship. “

in the meantime monarch’s Cast discussion at FOX’s press day during the Television Critics Association summer press tour, trace adkins I told you that I want a friend Blake Shelton As Alby’s younger brother. “I know how funny they are together. I know what good friends they are, so I think that’s great,” Melissa said. monarch It airs Tuesdays on FOX.

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