Superman related or show issues?

Netflix shocked the world on Saturday afternoon when it announced that one of its biggest stars was leaving one of its biggest shows.Henry Cavill is leave the witcher After the next season 3, the role will be handed over to Liam Hemsworth in season 4.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard entertainment news that hit this much global scrutiny. If there was, it was how perfect Cavill was in the role.

Occam’s Razor explains that this is directly related to the recent announcement that Cavill will star as Superman in the DCEU, directed by James Gunn.that is other The role he has is the one everyone believes he’s perfect for, the idea that it’s a big part with a bigger paycheck, and he couldn’t do both.

However, it feels like there is more to it than that. Although difficult, it’s not impossible for an actor to juggle TV shows and movies. And we know Henry Cavill was very passionate about playing Geralt.

The theory is that there could be some behind-the-scenes drama for The Witcher.That was probably an additional motivation for Henry to leave, as well as for his upcoming Superman duties. suggestion He really wanted the show to be closer to the book than it was before:

“In terms of preparation, before I got into this, I wanted the character to have a closer relationship with the characters in the book. It had more to do with making sure it sounded intellectual and philosophical and also had an emotional side to it, and doing the campaign. Right now he can be a little out of communication, and I’m obviously working on that.”

Then, recently another story broke Beau DeMayo, former producer of The Witcher, talks about how the show’s writers dislike the games and books the series is based on:

“I’ve been on shows like The Witcher, and some of the writers either outright or actively disliked the books and games (and even actively made fun of the source material),” says DeMayo. said Mr. “It’s a recipe for disaster and bad morale. Fandom as a litmus test checks the ego and makes every long night worth it. Before you’re allowed to add to that legacy, work must be respected.”

This was not the drama-stirring anonymous source, but the show’s actual producer. If accurate, you can see how such a view completely hooked Henry Cavill, a huge fan of both the book and the game. It felt like a transported show, but it made too many changes to the source material for fan taste. We needed it. It’s not rocket science that connects these dots.

As for the show itself, it’s going to have Cavill as Geralt for at least one more season, but I feel like it should be able to do that after he leaves. There’s no better way for the show to survive losing him than in any other series where this has happened. Also, it doesn’t offend Hemsworth. Seeing the series work without Cavill’s central performance is immense.

My guess is that the idea is five books, five seasons, with Hemsworth filling in the last two books and making it all the way through. Even if it’s a net gain for WB and DC, this is a tremendous loss for Netflix and The Witcher fans.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/10/30/henry-cavills-witcher-exit-superman-related-or-show-problems/ Superman related or show issues?

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